Flatworld Philippine Why Flatworld is a Great Place to Work – Employee Speak

Why Flatworld is a Great Place to Work – Employee Speak

Everyone dreams of working at a company where they will learn new skills and advance in their career. When Great Place to Work surveyed Flatworld Philippines employees, an astounding 86% of them said that Flatworld was a great place to work. Flatworld has been certified a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row.

Here’s what Flatworld team members have to say about their workplace.

Support during COVID-19

“Despite the pandemic’s chaos, adjustments, and changes, Flatworld ensured our employment by maximizing all means to keep us in the company. I am grateful to this company because they have greatly aided in my ability to support my family and myself. It’s like a second home to me,” says Romel, Account Executive.

Ideal work-life balance

“Being able to get the best of both worlds as a mom of two and an effective leader at work, without really feeling like I’m giving up either world is far beyond priceless. Flatworld is the only company by far which has met that ultimate need and has given me the flexibility to achieve and celebrate work-life balance. All of these make this company a great place to work not only to employees but also to working parents like me,” says Dianne, from the Learning & Development Team

A second family

“There are several reasons why Flatworld is a Great Place to Work for all, and among those are genuine care and compassion for its people. The moment you walk through their door, you can instantly feel a sense of belonging. I’m grateful that my journey has led me to Flatworld, my second family,” says JG, a Team Pacific member.

Love going to work

“The culture at Flatworld is very unique. Anyone who walks into our offices can feel a sense of family, a sense of communityship,” says Ajit, Country Head.
“I was assigned to a good leader. It came to a point where you go to work because you love it, you’re excited to go to work, and not just you’re dragging yourself to go to work,” says Dianne.

Learn management skills when promoted

“Working as an agent, you only have one goal, it’s just for yourself. Once you start handling a team, everything changes. You’re not just thinking about yourself, you’re thinking about each and every agent that you handle. You know, they say, different folks, different strokes. You need to try to get to know that person, empathize, try to get to know their situation,” says Dave, Account Manager.

He went on to talk about how Flatworld’s stayed true to their values. “Flatworld evolved into something better but the core values of the company remained. That’s one thing that I love.”

Flatworld is thoughtful

“Flatworld is very different from other BPOs. It’s very considerate and compassionate. Food is readily available, so you don’t waste your break time going out and eating, that too expensive food,” says Kriz, Account Executive

Flatworld managers are mentors and friends

We surprised some of our employees by asking a few of their closest teammates to write them a thank you letter. Here are some extracts –

“Dear Dave, Thank you for being such a good mentor. You’re always there to support and encourage me through breakups and career growth. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. When we first met, to be honest, I didn’t like you. You were intimidating and had too strong a personality. But now that I have known you personally, I can say, you are such a kind and caring person.”

“Hi Miss Christine, I’m grateful for having you as my manager. You have been a huge part of who I am today. If you had not believed in me and my potential, I would never have come this far. I’m still miles away from becoming an ideal leader, but your trust and confidence in me has made my journey a lot easier. Thank you for your endless guidance, acknowledging my vulnerabilities and breaking it out with me. You have made my four years in Flatworld worthwhile.”

Summing up

Flatworld employees are a tight knit family, who are there for each other during both crises and good times. The company’s personnel are groomed for the next step on their career ladder by their managers, and they value the guidance and encouragement they receive. For women in particular, the work-life balance Flatworld offers is unique.

The company’s staff members appreciate small details, like Flatworld’s canteen which saves them time, money, effort. All these aspects add up to the firm’s employees looking forward to going to work everyday. No wonder when Great Place to Work asked Flatworld personnel about their workplace, 86% voted Flatworld was a Great Place to Work, a whopping 33% above the average!

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