Leverage the strategic capabilities of our Philippines-based delivery centers, distinguished by their technical excellence and acute business acumen, to pre-emptively detect potential system failures. Our elite cadre of IT professionals, certified in modern technological frameworks, adeptly navigate the complexities of software and infrastructure integration. Our proactive IT support leverages advanced predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to anticipate and neutralize system vulnerabilities. Our rigorous adherence to cybersecurity protocols ensures compliance with exacting international data protection standards, thus reinforcing the resilience of your business operations.

Our delivery centers in the Philippines provide a nexus of cost-effective scalability and proficiency, capitalizing on the region’s robust tech sector. With a steadfast focus on Continuous Improvement and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodology, we ensure your IT systems are not merely maintained but continually optimized. Engage with us for a partnership that redefines IT support—we ensure unparalleled communication and advantageous time zone coverage for ceaseless global service. Speak to our experts today to ensure that your business operates at the zenith of technological efficiency.

Ensure Business Continuity with IT Maintenance Services Philippines

Our IT development team optimizes your software systems, mitigates potential issues, and ensures seamless, uninterrupted operations, allowing your business to thrive in a dynamic digital environment. 

Application Maintenance and Support Services
Application Maintenance and Support Services

We provide comprehensive support for diverse applications, ensuring optimal performance, security, and regular updates. Our services entail bug fixes, feature enhancements, and compatibility adaptations. 

Web Application Maintenance an Support Services
Web Application Maintenance and Support Services

We ensure your web applications are always up-to-date and perform optimally. We handle everything from routine updates to performance optimization, security enhancements, and troubleshooting. 

Application Maintenance and Support Services
Android Application Maintenance and Support Services

We specialize in maintaining Android applications, ensuring seamless user experience, compatibility with new Android versions, and adhering to Google’s guidelines. 

Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services
Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services

Our team provides extensive support for both iOS and Android mobile applications, ensuring they remain up to date, secure, and provide a seamless user experience. 

iOS Application Maintenance and Support Service
iOS Application Maintenance and Support Services

We ensure your iOS applications align with the latest Apple guidelines, remain compatible with new iOS versions, and provide a glitch-free user experience. 

IMS Application Maintenance and Support Services
IMS Application Maintenance and Support Services

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support for IMS applications, ensuring they are reliable, secure, and up-to-date, and meet your business needs effectively. 

WordPress Support and Maintenance Services
WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance and support services for WordPress sites, handling everything from updates, security, backups, to optimization, ensuring your website runs smoothly and securely. 

Additional Software Maintenance and Support Solutions We Offer

Beyond standard services, we offer an array of specialized software maintenance and support solutions designed to cater to your unique business needs. 

1. Corrective Maintenance

We provide swift rectification of software errors and defects, enhancing system functionality and reliability. 

2. Adaptive Maintenance

We ensure your software adapts effectively to changes in the operating environment, maintaining optimal performance. 

3. Perfective Maintenance

We implement enhancements and modifications to improve your software’s performance and functionality. 

4. Preventive Maintenance

Through proactive measures and routine checks, we prevent potential system issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations. 

5. Emergency Maintenance

In the event of critical system failures, we provide immediate support and solutions to restore normal operations promptly. 

6. Routine Maintenance

Increase customer conversions with our optimized calls-to-action and user-centric design strategies.

7. Operational Maintenance

We manage daily operations and system updates, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to your business activities. 

Why Offshore IT Maintenance Services to the Philippines?

Outsourcing IT maintenance and support to Flatworld Philippines boosts operational efficiency, system performance, and data security while driving cost efficiency. We provide your business with a competitive edge. This strategic move gives you access to advanced technologies and technical expertise, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operations.  

Strategic IT Solutions

Our dedicated team delivers strategic, high-caliber IT support aligned to your unique business needs, driving operational efficiency and ROI.  

Multilingual Professionals

Our English-proficient team ensures seamless, strategic communication, optimizing service delivery and client satisfaction. 

Government-Endorsed Stability

Leveraging robust government support, we provide a stable environment for high-quality IT service delivery, enhancing your business continuity plans. 

Data Protection and Compliance

We prioritize data privacy and security, implementing industry-standard protocols and GDPR-compliant practices to protect your business-critical data. 

Tech-Savvy Talent Pool

Our expert IT professionals, proficient in emerging technologies and agile methodologies, ensure future-ready solutions that drive business growth. 

Resolution-Focused Agents

Our skilled agents swiftly address IT issues, minimizing downtime, enhancing system availability, and ensuring seamless business operations. 

Our Streamlined Process Flow for Software Maintenance Support Services

Our streamlined process flow for software maintenance support services ensures the quick identification of issues and their effective resolution, minimizing system downtime. Leveraging a proactive approach, we prioritize preventive maintenance, ensuring your software always performs optimally and evolves with changing business requirements. 


Requirement Elicitation
We begin by understanding your website development needs and target audience to lay the foundation for a successful web project.


Service Orchestration
We create tailored service blueprint based on client-specific requirements, outlining the sequence of maintenance operations.


Maintenance Proposition
Our experts present a detailed proposal encompassing scope of work, cost, and timelines, serving as a roadmap to software maintenance objectives.


Infrastructure Stability

We begin by understanding your website development needs and target audience to lay the foundation for a successful web project.


Software Verification
& Validation

We implement rigorous software testing using advanced paradigms to identify and rectify anomalies impacting system performance and reliability.



We deploy the maintained software into the client’s environment after successfully rectifying issues; we also furnish detailed reports along with future maintenance recommendations.

Our Software Support and Maintenance Sourcing Model

Our software support and maintenance sourcing model is designed to meet your business needs, ensuring your software remains robust and up-to-date. We use a blend of strategies that balance internal resources with outsourcing to deliver efficient and cost-effective services. 

Virtual Inbound Call Center

In-house Maintenance and Support Services

Our In-house maintenance and support services provide direct control over all maintenance processes. Our skilled team performs software upgrades, bug fixing, functionality enhancements, and preventive maintenance, ensuring your software remains optimal and secure. For example, regular system checks might be conducted, software may be updated to the latest versions, and issues that arise are promptly addressed.

Telemarketing Virtual Assistant Services

In-house Management and Outsourced Resources

In our model, we also blend in-house management with outsourced resources to extend our capacity and capabilities. Our in-house team manages the software maintenance process while leveraging the skills of outsourced resources for specialized tasks. For instance, while our in-house team oversees project management and quality assurance, certain technical aspects may be outsourced to experts in the respective fields.

Customer Support

Fully Outsourced Maintenance Support

For businesses seeking to focus solely on their core operations, we offer a fully outsourced maintenance support model. We take full responsibility for maintaining and supporting your software, freeing your internal resources for other strategic initiatives. For example, we can handle everything from routine maintenance tasks to complex system upgrades, ensuring your software continues to deliver its intended benefits.

Professional Software Maintenance Services for Uninterrupted Operations

Our services extend beyond mere troubleshooting and repair. We offer a comprehensive maintenance strategy that includes routine performance check-ups, system optimization, critical security updates, and proactive identification of potential issues. This is complemented by our use of big data analytics and data science to extract valuable insights from system performance data, enabling us to predict future maintenance needs and make informed decisions for system improvements.  

As a result, we not only eliminate the immediate software problems but also mitigate future risks, ensuring your business operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently. This proactive and strategic approach to software maintenance empowers your business to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital environment. Ready to maximize uptime, optimize performance, and drive business growth? Hire our dedicated software maintenance team today.  

Optimize Software Performance with Expert Software Maintenance and Technical Consulting

Ready to step up your business efficiency? Our specialized software maintenance and support services are just what you need. Our technical consultants are experts in diagnosing the software environment and proposing robust solutions for system enhancement, fault correction, and optimization. This translates into enhanced performance, minimal downtime, and improved efficiency for your business. We shoulder your technical burdens, freeing you to concentrate on your core operations. By partnering with us, you’re choosing a seamless integration of technology with business. Hire our software maintenance team to experience the actual growth potential of your business.  

Transform Your Business Landscape with Our Expert IT Solutions

Don’t let software issues impede your progress. Propel your business growth today with our offshore software maintenance and support services. 

Amplifying Software Support and Maintenance with Innovative Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage AI for proactive troubleshooting, automated maintenance, and system optimization. 

Internet of Things

IoT integration facilitates real-time device monitoring, proactive support, and enhanced digital security. 


Blockchain enhances data integrity in maintenance logs and enables secure, traceable transactions in IT service management. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology enables scalable, cost-effective IT support services, efficient data access, and resource utilization. 

Big Data

We employ big data analytics to optimize IT support decision-making and predict future maintenance needs. 

Augmented Reality

AR enhances remote IT support, facilitating immersive, interactive troubleshooting scenarios. 

Data Science

Data insights enable predictive maintenance, optimized IT service delivery, and enhanced system performance. 

Virtual Reality

VR creates immersive environments for simulating IT issues and training support staff. 

Image Recognition

Used for automated system monitoring and security enhancement, aiding error detection in IT maintenance tasks. 

Tailored IT Support Services Across Industries

Our specialized IT maintenance services empower various industries by optimizing their software systems for enhanced performance and reliability. From healthcare to finance, we provide industry-specific solutions, streamlining operations, improving data security, and accelerating digital transformation, thereby driving growth and innovation. 


Banking & Financial



Travel & Hospitality




Customs Brokerage

Hotel Management 


Oil & Gas


Logistics & Transportation

Media and entertainment 

Threat Anticipation


Public services

Additional Services We Offer

Development Services

We deliver scalable and efficient software solutions, utilizing advanced programming paradigms and methodologies suited to your business requirements. 

Our services include crafting high-performance, SEO-optimized websites using cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

We offer comprehensive IT support, including incident management and problem resolution, facilitated by advanced ticketing systems for improved productivity. 

We create visually engaging, user-friendly websites with responsive design principles and UX/UI best practices for optimal cross-platform performance. 

Mobile App
Development Services

We develop robust, feature-rich mobile apps leveraging diverse platforms like Android, iOS, and cross-platform technologies. 

IT Staffing Service

Our staffing services provide skilled IT professionals on demand, ensuring seamless project execution and operational efficiency. 

Why Choose Us as Your Software Maintenance Service Provider?

Opt for our software maintenance services to capitalize on the synergy of profound technical expertise and cutting-edge tools. We employ industry-leading technologies such as Nagios for systems monitoring and New Relic for real-time application analytics. The key indicators of our services include: 

Dedicated Teams

Our skilled teams, proficient in the latest IT tools and frameworks, provide focused and consistent support, ensuring your software infrastructure continues to perform optimally and aligns with your evolving business needs.

Cost Saving

By leveraging our services, you can significantly reduce operational costs. Our efficient preventive maintenance and timely upgrades eliminate the need for costly repairs and system overhauls, providing substantial savings.

Security and Compliance

We prioritize data security and regulatory compliance. Through rigorous security audits, encrypted communication channels, and adherence to industry-standard practices, we ensure your software systems remain secure and compliant with relevant regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to swift issue resolution and minimal downtime, coupled with 24/7 support, ensures a seamless user experience, contributing to high levels of customer satisfaction.

End-to-end Solutions

From routine maintenance to complex system upgrades, we provide comprehensive software maintenance services. Our end-to-end solutions ensure every aspect of your software's lifecycle is expertly managed, optimizing performance and longevity.

Technologies We Leverage

Power BI
Adobe Commerce
Microsoft SharePoint

Client Success Stories

How Flatworld Philippines Helped a Top IT Services Company Optimize its Technical Support!

We enabled a world-leading IT company to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our strategic 24/7 technical support services helped reduce costs and improve resolution rates.

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Client Testimonials

I am impressed by the quality of services I received from Flatworld Solutions. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time.
General Manager,
Sports Equipment Company, UK

Outsource IT Support and Maintenance Services to Flatworld Philippines

As a software maintenance company with 10+ years of expertise, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of services, from routine infrastructure maintenance to intricate application support, leveraging industry-standard IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks such as ITIL. Our software maintenance and support services go beyond mere troubleshooting. We focus on proactive preventive maintenance, implementing patches and updates to prevent potential issues while ensuring compatibility with evolving technologies.  

We also provide SEO-friendly design techniques to ensure your website ranks high on search engines, thereby increasing your visibility and driving organic traffic to your site. By creating fully responsive websites that are optimized for various devices and screen sizes, we ensure a smooth user experience that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more. Moreover, we prioritize security in our designs, implementing robust measures like SSL certificates, data encryption, and secure payment gateways, providing your users with a safe and secure browsing experience. 

In terms of technical support, we offer round-the-clock services, equipped with a state-of-the-art ticketing system to ensure prompt resolution of issues. Our support extends to training your staff on new software features and functionalities. Our services yield tangible outcomesenhanced software performance, increased system longevity, reduction in operational costs, and minimized downtime. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are meticulously designed to meet your specific business requirements, guaranteeing maximum system uptime and swift resolution of contingencies.  

Outsource to us and experience a paradigm shift in your IT operations, characterized by enhanced performance, security, and business continuity. 


How Can I Pick the Best Software Support and Maintenance Company in the Philippines?

The selection of an optimal software support and maintenance company in the Philippines should be based on specific factors. These include technical competency, demonstrated success in project delivery, quality of customer service, and an adaptable pricing structure. Our organization boasts a notable history of success with a diverse array of clients, offering high-quality and cost-effective software support and maintenance services.

How Can Outsourcing Software Maintenance Services to The Philippines Add Value to My Business?

Outsourcing software maintenance services to the Philippines can lead to significant business advantages. By partnering with us, you gain access to a vast and skilled pool of IT professionals at a competitive cost. This allows you to concentrate on your central business operations while we manage your software support and maintenance needs. Our teams operate continuously, ensuring that your applications experience minimal downtime.

What Is the Pricing for Software Support and Maintenance Services in The Philippines?

The pricing for software support and maintenance varies based on the intricacy of your application, user volume, and the level of support required. We offer flexible pricing models that cater to varying budgets and needs. For a customized quote, please feel free to reach out to us.

What Security Protocols Are in Place to Safeguard My Application Idea?

Absolutely, our team specializes in website overhauls, utilizing responsive design principles and modernizing your site's architecture for enhanced performance and user experience.

Does Your Software Maintenance Service Encompass the Development of New Modules?

Indeed, our software maintenance services encompass the creation of new modules. We collaborate closely with your team to comprehend your requirements and ensure that the new modules align with your business objectives and integrate seamlessly with the existing application.

What Measures Are in Place for Handling Issues That Come Up Outside of Regular Business Hours?

We provide support services around the clock. If an issue emerges during non-business hours, our dedicated support team will promptly address it to ensure minimal disruption to your business activities.

Can You Quote an Average Cost for Web Design Services?

Web design costs can vary widely based on the project scope, but, they are project-specific and influenced by factors like site complexity, custom features, and content volume.

Is Content Provision a Necessity from My End for the Website?

While not mandatory, providing content can ensure your brand's tone is accurately reflected; however, many web design firms offer copywriting services for content creation.

Will SEO Best Practices Be Integrated into My Website?

Yes, our web design services include SEO optimization, ensuring your site adheres to best practices for increased visibility and ranking on search engines.

What Type of Post-Launch Support Can I Expect for My Website?

Post-launch, we offer support and maintenance services, including updates, security monitoring, and troubleshooting to ensure your website remains current and functional.