Flatworld Philippines is an international leader in IT, Outsourcing, and Business Consulting since 2013. We harness technology to boost business growth, overcome geographical restrictions, and increase global revenue. Our consistent delivery of robust results stems from deep commitment and expertise. Alongside a notable client base and steady profit growth, our team of over 1500 dedicated professionals supports our strong industry presence. We strive to deliver added value and steer our clients towards success.

Our delivery centers in the Philippines function as crucial hubs for innovation and strategy development, empowering clients across the globe. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation highlights our unwavering dedication to data security, building a bedrock of trust in our client relationships.


Our Vision

Flatworld aims to lead the IT solutions industry with a tribe of Possibilitarians delivering transformative growth through excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment and thus becoming the preferred choice for clients, the ultimate talent destination, a trusted investment, and a community pillar.


Our Mission

By fostering an environment that believes in the power of possibilities, and fuelled by a whatever-it-takes-drive, Flatworld will provide resourceful IT solutions to unlock growth for client businesses globally, and enrich our employees, investors, and the communities we serve.

Corporate History


The Genesis

The busy, sprawling malls of the US and Europe sprouted an idea. During a seminal visit in the mid-90s, Jacob William, the CEO of Flatworld Philippines, saw an array of varied items – from shoes to cutlery – all in one place. The revolutionary service delivery concept sparked his imagination in turn, spurring him to conceptualize Flatworld and in later years, Flatworld Philippines. One place where every kind of business solution is offered.


The Early Developing Years

Flatworld Philippines began in 2013, providing Data Processing Solutions. We put all our effort into delivering the best we could. Before long, our customers clamored for more services, propelling us to offer Call Center Operations. As our customers’ faith deepened and relationships strengthened, they leaned on us more, prompting us to offer Virtual Assistant Services as well. Our development was spurred by the needs and support of our customers.


The Growth Curve

It has always been important to Flatworld Philippines that we monitor the pulse of the business world across industries. We broadened our offerings, introducing niche solutions in Technology, Healthcare, Accounting, Logistics, Customs Brokerage and many more. Our clients consider us more than service providers – they view us as allies fueling innovation and quality in their execution.


The Road Ahead: AI Trailblazers

Today, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive force in the industry, countless others find themselves struggling to navigate the changing landscape. Amidst this tumultuous environment, Flatworld Philippines has maintained its poise. Just as our leaders harnessed the power of outsourcing, they have now directed their focus and expertise towards training their teams in the advancements of Artificial Intelligence.

By harnessing everything the Philippines had to offer as a prime outsourcing location, we provide sophisticated solutions to meet the unique business needs of our esteemed global clients and drive their growth.

Company Overview

Service Delivery Offices

We have fashioned our delivery model, considering both the availability of adept talent and a favorable business environment. This visionary approach empowers us to meet the exacting standards of our global clientele without compromising quality. Our delivery centers, nestled in Davao City, Philippines, are equipped with robust internet redundancies, ensuring seamless work continuity and adaptability to unexpected surges in demand and cyclical variations.

Our team boasts a diverse array of proficient experts, encompassing skilled engineers, adept designers, and accomplished business managers. By choosing Flatworld Philippines, clients gain the advantage of our unified teams, renowned for their full accountability, unparalleled transparency, and a clear, single point of contact.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

At FlatWorld Philippines, we pride ourselves on our advanced infrastructure. We offer high-speed internet, up-to-date workstations, and robust security measures. Our modern facilities are designed for productivity and efficiency, reflecting our commitment to superior service delivery.

Our Key Differentiators

Building on a solid foundation of over a decade of pioneering achievements in the global IT landscape, we continue to lead, now in the transformative AI industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures we fully understand our customers’ needs, optimize their operations, and align with their future objectives. As AI reshapes industries, we serve as navigators, helping businesses harness automation, intelligently analyze data, and remain at the forefront of innovation. Our meticulous planning paves the way for seamless transition of operations to the Philippines, as we drive innovation with AI-focused solutions.

Our strengths, distinguishing us in the sector, include


AI-enabled rapid project completion enhances operational efficiency, process efficiency and bottom lines.


AI-led predictive analysis and strategic planning minimize process disruption.


Maximizing value by seamlessly integrating AI tools with a focus on quality.


Specialized 24/7 Project Management, Transition, and Customer Engagement teams, backed by AI analytics.


A diverse team, proficient in multiple languages, known for their seamless work and use of AI.


Meeting global quality standards with AI at the forefront of continuous improvements.


Over a decade of consistent service to global customers.


Future-ready delivery centers, prepared to optimally utilize the latest technology, providing customers with a sustainable competitive edge.


Skilled in executing customized projects refined by AI, catering to both short-term and long-term needs.


Expertise in outsourcing and creating AI-driven strategies across various industries.

Unlock Winning Ways in a Borderless World

Collaborate with Flatworld Philippines and unleash the extraordinary power of expert services, amplified by the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. With over a decade of experience across diverse domains, we are future-focused and prided as early trailblazers in AI-driven solutions. We uncomplicate intricate vendor evaluations, contract negotiations, and navigate the labyrinth of legal, compliance, and SLA requirements. Our foundational principles of ethics, teamwork, and quality forge lasting AI-empowered partnerships, fueling enduring innovation.

What’s your business challenge?

We don’t just help businesses grow. We create customer experience. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we innovate strategies to engage customers, helping you adapt to your customers’ changing needs.