Beyond Business: Enable, Empower, Engage

Beyond Business is our corporate social responsibility initiative. Our primary mission is to enable and empower people in our city by providing skills for better quality of life, through training and employment. We partner with communities around us to expand our impact by giving time, effort and resources to make a difference through various outreach programs. Our employees are encouraged to participate in programs that’s close to their heart and gives them a sense of purpose beyond their daily work. The impact is beyond what we could imagine.

Flatworld’s Beyond Business programs are changing lives in many ways – one step at a time!


Flatworld Philippines believes in giving back to the community by engaging our employees and communities around us. Beyond Business is an employee led movement where we encourage employees to identify a cause that is close to their heart, rather than run top-down, management-driven initiatives. Our teams volunteer by giving their time, effort, money towards these outreach initiatives. These initiatives provide valuable opportunities for our teams to engage with a deep sense of purpose that is beyond their daily tasks within the four walls of our offices.


Flatworld Philippines encourages and enables employees to be deeply involved from ideation to implementation of the initiatives. We then enable our teams by supporting these initiatives in coordinating logistics, engaging with community leaders and other stakeholders, and providing financial support so we can bring these purpose-driven ideas to life and create long-term, maximum impact on our communities.


Flatworld Philippines believes that we have a responsibility towards the community we live in. We want to be part of the solution. Contributing towards children’s education is one of the ways in which we aim to change the lives of underprivileged Filipinos. Empowering children in our communities by encouraging them to read, providing them school supplies and books that they do not have access to otherwise, are some of our initiatives that we believe will go a long way in transforming our communities long-term.


Basketball Outreach Program

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Christmas Dreamkit

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