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Enhance Customer Experience with Flatworld Philippines

A reliable, efficient, and prompt inbound customer service is the bedrock of delivering a seamless customer experience. And ensuring that it constantly operates at peak level is vital to ensure happy customers and top-line growth. If you are looking to continually evolve

your customer support and deliver holistic, rich, and tech-enabled resolutions to your customers, then Flatworld Philippines has just the solution. Our inbound call center outsourcing services focus on maximizing revenues for clients by leveraging our extensive experience and industry knowledge to deliver a world-class and exceptional customer experience. Our inbound call center services offer a strategic solution to help you achieve your business goals and maintain a competitive edge.

AI is revolutionizing the dynamics of inbound call center services. As soon as a call is received, sophisticated AI algorithms emerge, directing it to the most apt agent to respond swiftly. The integration of AI-driven Agent Assist is pivotal in streamlining the agent’s task, slashing the time taken to retrieve pertinent customer data and troubleshoot during interactions. Harnessing the power of natural language processing, AI can gauge a customer’s emotional temperament, alerting agents to adapt their approach if a customer appears agitated. Furthermore, AI’s profound ability to dissect and analyze calls unveils avenues for enhanced efficiency. At Flatworld Philippines, our mission is to collaborate closely with you, crafting bespoke AI solutions that resonate with your distinct business needs. Our expertise doesn’t just stop at AI – we have a seasoned team of subject matter experts on standby to tackle exceptions, continually refining the AI to inch closer to our goal of achieving total automation, wherever feasible.

What We Offer

Flatworld Philippines offers world-class inbound call center support across industries, including Travel & Hospitality, Customs brokerage, Logistics, Insurance, Mortgage, aerospace, manufacturing, real estate, information technology, retail and e-commerce, legal, and more. Our comprehensive services include:
800 Answering Services

Manned 24x7 by friendly, professional, and trained executives delivering high-quality customer services.

Reservation Booking Services

Resources to handle your reservation booking requirements efficiently in a time-bound way.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Services

Our talented executives help boost sales, increase revenues andexpandcustomer value.

Claims Processing Services

We ensure zero-errors, quick turnaround time, and adherence to SLAs for your claims processing.

Product Information Services

Ensure high-quality product information services and product support services.

Billing Queries Services

Access error-free services and seamlessly resolve billing queries foryour customers.

The Flatworld Advantage

With Flatworld Philippines, you can be assured of state-of-the-art inbound customer support backed by exceptional remote call monitoring facilities and reporting capabilities. We help you seamlessly enhance your market coverage by leveraging our expertise in account management and market testing. Our team ensures an efficient transition of management processes and Web-based reporting. By using the latest inbound call center software and the excellent call handling capabilities of our high-performing and trained professionals, you can save more than 50% on your call center operating costs.

Our inbound customer services have been a strategic and integral part of supporting our global customers through long-term sustainable growth.


Superior AI Capabilities

Our conversational IVR systems, intelligent routing, AI-based Agent Assist and customer sentiment solutions power an elevated customer experience.
Group 555

Expert Call Center Professionals

Our call center professionals have extensive and relevant experience in inbound call handling, managing service calls, and delivering customer satisfaction.
Group 444

Competent Training Programs

We have rich domain experience and expertise in supporting 300+ global partners in planning, designing and executing their call center networks.

Group 451

Extensive Experience

We have rich domain experience and expertise in supporting 300+ global partners in planning, designing and executing their call center networks.
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100% Voice Recording

We have rich domain experience and expertise in supporting 300+ global partners in planning, designing and executing their call center networks.

Let us help you grow your business. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we create customer experience through innovative strategies that engage customers and adapt to their changing needs.

We partner with you to create custom solutions to take your business to the next level.

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