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10 Ways to Enhance Your Healthcare Practice’s Operations with Flatworld Philippines Healthcare BPO Services

According to Salesforce’s latest State of the Connected Customer report, only 13% of respondents find it effortless to resolve cases. In the healthcare sector, fast and quality support is crucial to meet customer expectations. BPO services empower hospitals and other healthcare institutions to meet and exceed these expectations. Streamlining hospital operations through BPO services offers numerous benefits, with the key areas being: 

Patient Scheduling:

Efficiently manage multiple offices with unique requirements by assigning call center agents who are familiar with the nuances of each office. For similar offices, allocate representatives based on specialized tasks, such as booking new appointments, rescheduling, or handling procedures. 

Eligibility Verification:

It’s essential to check whether a patient’s insured and coverage are active so that the healthcare provider can be sure that the insurance provider will pay them for the treatment the patient undergoes. BPO agents are experienced in this process and call the listed insurance provider to verify the patient’s benefits and get pre-authorization for certain medical procedures. This ensures fewer claims are rejected and accelerates the billing cycle.

Medical Billing:

After BPO agents collect insurance information and verify coverage and eligibility, they prepare HIPAA-compliant claims for submission. They closely monitor claim progress, handle rejections and disputes, explain claim decisions to patients, and prepare statements for payment. Through preset criteria and vigilance for red flags, they can swiftly identify and prevent fraud attempts. 

Medical Coding:

Accurate coding of patient diagnoses and treatments is crucial for insurance payouts. BPO services employ various coding systems like HCPCS, CPT, ICD, and Diagnosis Related Group to ensure precise billing and increased chances of successful reimbursement claims. Accurate and efficient coding plays a significant role in the overall healthcare system. 

Accounts Receivable Follow-up:

BPO agents create comprehensive reports on aging accounts receivable, allowing a thorough analysis of billed procedures, approved insurance coverage, and denied claims. By categorizing claims appropriately and following up with insurance carriers, representatives ensure timely and efficient collections. 

Revenue Cycle Management:

Outsourcing data entry and payment collection for patient registration guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience. BPO personnel, equipped with the necessary training, improve appointment scheduling by managing phone lines and allocating slots effectively. 

Outsourced Patient Care:

Outsourcing diagnostic imaging, pharmacy services, and therapy enhances service quality and patient satisfaction. Hospitals can offer comprehensive services without substantial investments in upgrading in-house equipment or hiring specialized healthcare professionals. 

On-Demand Healthcare:

Chat and healthcare provider apps serve as communication channels to address patients’ doubts about the severity of their symptoms. By consulting with a nurse through chat, individuals can determine whether a particular symptom requires immediate attention or can be addressed during a scheduled doctor consultation. 

DME Intake:

BPO agents will verify the eligibility of new patients and payer requirements for DME. After they verify the patient’s documents, they will prompt him at the initial order stage to subscribe to DME reorders if applicable. This will enable you to follow lean process management and know the real-time status of your orders. You can prioritize urgent orders and see items that are available in your inventory, and the ones that will take time to be delivered.

DME Resupply:

Many of the medical equipment supplies provided to patients are disposables or need to be replenished regularly for the patient to use them effectively. CPAP machines, urinary incontinence supplies and diabetic supplies in particular need to be replenished at recommended intervals. BPO agents can schedule patients to reorder automation based on order history and payer frequency guidelines.

In conclusion, retaining current patients for medical care costs 90% less than acquiring new ones. Ensuring a seamless customer experience throughout the entire healthcare journey, from registration to scheduling and billing, increases patient retention.

Flatworld Philippines offers insurance eligibility verification, medical billing, medical claims processing, and medical transcription services at affordable rates without compromising quality. Our qualified and experienced team works quickly and efficiently, providing exceptional services to our healthcare industry clients, including appointment scheduling and prescription refill reminders.

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