Delivering Superior, Seamless, and Secure Contact Center Experiences

Customer service is often the first line of engagement with customers. Delivering personalized and timely services will differentiate your business from competitors and ensure increased customer loyalty. For over 15 years, Flatworld Philippines has been providing exceptional offshore call center services across multiple channels as an extension of your business, offering seamless, customized, and data-driven solutions.

We deliver 24/7 call center services to cover multiple time zones by leveraging state of the art infrastructure in each of our offices worldwide. New-age digital technologies, including AI and analytics, enable us to track call quality, agent performance and drive continuous improvements. Our skilled and highly competent call center team guarantees that your customers get best-in-class support, whether customer service, technical support, outbound telemarketing or appointment setting.

Our Call Center Services include:

Inbound Call
Center Services
Outbound Call
Center Services
Technical Support
Business Process
as a Service
CCTV Monitoring
Email Support
Chat Support

Our Capabilities

Flatworld Philippines empowers you to maximize value from your call center services by treating every interaction as an opportunity to provide strategic, holistic, experience-oriented customer support. Our rich, domain-specific competencies accelerate excellence in customer services and increase CSAT.

Data-driven Solutions

We leverage cutting-edge and new-age call center technologies to deliver excellent services to our customers. Our AI and data-backed services help you stay ahead of the competition by providing competent customer service and intelligent issue resolution. Flatworld Philippines offers capabilities in machine learning and other data-driven tools and techniques to enhance customer experience.

Trained and Experienced Team

The teams at Flatworld Philippines Call Center Services are highly skilled at what they do. We handpick each resource and train them so we can set you up for success from the get-go. Our contact center talent pool has relevant industry experience, excellent communication skills, and access to continuous training to upgrade their capabilities. We collaborate with our clients to ensure accurate and timely support, turning even the most irate customers into happy ones. We encourage clients to be involved in the initial stages of the interview process to be fully aware of the competency levels of the resources working on their projects.

Real-Time Reporting

Managing remote and outsourced call center services and engagements can be daunting. But we have successfully developed and fostered trust and confidence with our clients by ensuring confidentiality and delivering effective, reliable services. To make this process easy, we monitor our representatives in real-time to assess and optimize performance. These Real-Time Performance Reports (RTPR) drive optimal resource utilization, ensure prompt issue resolution, and track Key Performance Indicators of the contact center operations more closely. We actively partner with clients to offer greater visibility, provide insights through intraday reporting and transparency. The real-time performance reports ensure increased flexibility in making required adjustments to both staffing and service levels.

100% Call Recording

100% of calls in our contact center are recorded for future training and analysis purposes. Our reliable call monitoring processes drive excellence in customer service. Calls are selected based on a random sampling method, using specific criteria for monitoring. It allows our leaders to listen in and give constructive feedback to the representatives about areas of improvement. Our systems, internal processes, and focus on data security ensure each interaction is recorded and made available through secured channels.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Lingual Services

Flatworld Call Center Philippines enables you to address customer concerns across multiple channels, including email, live chat support, social media, and even video chat support. Our omnichannel approach ensures that your customers get the help they need on a channel of their choice and in their preferred language. We provide 24/7 customer service in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Filipino.

Why Outsource Call Center Services to Flatworld Philippines?

We Do Employee Retention Right

Here at Flatworld Call Center Philippines, we believe in doing things “Beyond Business” and in valuing talents and skills of our employees. Flatworld Call Center Services Philippines is all about treating our people as more than employees―we treat them like family. And that’s what makes them stay.

Customer Support Workflow

Call Center Outsourcing Philippines

Why Outsource to Flatworld Philippines?

  • Customized Service based on Client Requirements
  • 100% Call Recording
  • ISO 27001, PCI certified call center operations
  • A trained and highly competent workforce
  • Focus on customer experience in every interaction
  • Data-driven Processes and Systems
  • Transparency and Flexibility in our engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Flatworld Solutions is the best 24/7 offshore call center in the Philippines. We have more than 15 years of experience in Outsourced Customer Service, Technical Support, Outbound Telemarketing, and Appointment Setting, offering personalized interactions. Flatworld Philippines is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities – a blend of modern infrastructure and the latest technology – to check call quality track performance with adequate redundancy, built at each level of our IT infrastructure. Our ability to record 100% of all interactions ensures transparency in our engagement. Besides, we work as an extension of your team to bring value to your business.

Outsourced Customer Service, Technical Support, Outbound Telemarketing, and Appointment Setting, Email and Chat Support are various functions a call center can provide. Call centers in the Philippines come with a highly qualified workforce with neutral accents. They are adept at offering competent inbound services, outbound services, telemarketing services, technical support services, CCTV monitoring services, business process as a service, email support services, and chat support services.

Call centers in the Philippines have a team of expert professionals who are experienced in delivering personalized call center services to customers. Competitive rates are a reality as overhead costs are kept to the bare minimum. Outsourcing call centers to the Philippines enables businesses to receive real-time reporting services to monitor the performance of experienced representatives. 100% call recording, multi-channel call center services, multilingual call center team, and low employee turnover are some other advantages of call center outsourcing to the Philippines.

A reliable call center has a team of experienced and highly motivated professionals, with excellent communication skills who are trained in offering personalized services to customers. 100% call recording and real-time reporting assist in tracking the performance of their teams. Multilingual call center employees, high employee retention, and competitive rates of call center services in the Philippines help it have a competitive advantage. Call Centers with excellent infrastructure with adequate redundancy at every level are essential to ensure uninterrupted service to your clients.

Customer Service is an essential aspect of any business. Excellent customer service translates into an excellent customer experience. Excellent customer service is important for customer retention. By outsourcing call center service to experts at Flatworld Solution, you and your team can now focus on core functions of your business without having to deal with the hassle of hiring, training and implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure that is an expensive investment for any business. Flatworld Solutions will work with you to hire qualified resources and train them. We have excellent infrastructure at all our facilities to ensure 100% uptime so you do not have to worry about providing excellent support to your customers. Call centers offer custom reports based on analyzed data and ensure complete transparency in engagement. Apart from data-driven processes, call center services in the Philippines employ expert professionals who are trained to offer personalized services to customers.

A call center’s communication is restricted to voice. In contrast, a contact center uses multi-channel options via text chat, email, and web interfaces to provide a holistic omnichannel customer experience. At Flatworld Solutions, we cater to customers across all channels. Our agents are trained to multi-task across these channels, to give your customers an excellent experience, on your behalf, when they contact us.