Meet Our Team

Get to know the Leadership Team that powers Flatworld Philippines

Our Team

Jacob William

Group CEO, Flatworld Solutions

With over 25 years of industry experience, Jacob William is in the business of transforming concepts into reality. As a visionary and driving force within the company, he’s dedicated to innovating operational excellence. He’s passionate about creating sustainable, practical, global solutions to suit a variety of modern business needs. Jacob’s hands-on leadership style helped cultivate Flatworld Philippines’ culture of support, collaboration, and creativity. He has the unique gift of helping others recognize and leverage their talents and potential.

With a keen eye for the intersections of technology, mobility, big data, clough computing, analytics and visualization, he’s managed to position himself as a pioneer in the Big Data Revolution, keeping the company at the cutting edge of progress. Outside the office, you can catch this ardent foodie scoping out the trendiest eats.

David Antony

CEO, Business Solutions

David Antony has made it his personal mission to inspire, empower, and uplift everyone around him. Under his guidance, many have discovered their unrealized potential. Equipped with natural curiosity and a tenacious work drive, he approaches each challenge as an opportunity for improvement.

David holds a degree in Electronics, and a post graduate degree in Business Administration. Before rising through the ranks at Flatworld, he served as a senior manager at leading software development, IT training, and consultancy firms across India and the Middle East. Leveraging his experience and unique industry insights, he has helped set up and run offices and delivery centers across India, the Philippines and South America.

Anand Mathew

CEO, Global Shared Services

For Anand Mathew, no joy compares to brainstorming innovative solutions to complex problems. With 15 years in the Marketing and Advertising industry, and a decade honing his skills in the ITES sector, he’s had plenty of time to earn the title of “ideas specialist.” With keen attention to detail, and a talent for optimizing systems, protocols, and processes, Anand plays an integral role at Flatworld Solutions.

A jack-of- all trades, Anand is a mechanical engineer, has served in senior management, and has seamlessly taken on the responsibilities of Lead Finance, Operations & Sales Manager. He has worked across industries, from automobile and FMCG to IT and ITES segments. Now he brings his skills to building service lines on a 3600 plan, managing stakeholders across various domains. Outside the office he’s an avid tennis player, and can strike up a conversation about political analysis anytime, any place.

Seby Kallarakal


Seby Kallarakkal brings over 18 years of experience to his position with Flatworld and has committed himself to optimizing performance across teams and platforms. He specializes in leveraging technology and personnel to provide high quality service, with a two-fold focus on superior efficiency and maximized performance.

After receiving his Engineering Degree from IIT Kharagpur and an MS in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, Seby dove headfirst into the tech world. His vast experience spans a variety of industries including architecture, GIS, internet marketing, software development, e-commerce, analytics, and big data. Here at Flatworld, Seby is revolutionizing our marketing vision with a data-driven approach to collecting, integrating, and analyzing marketing data. Under his guiding vision, we’re able to provide our clients the services they truly desire.