Flatworld Philippines is a leader in the international IT, Outsourcing, and Business Consulting domain. Founded in 2013, Flatworld Philippines has been dedicated to using technology to bolster businesses, overcome geographical challenges, and increase global revenue. Over the years, they’ve consistently delivered strong results with a deep commitment and expertise. With a notable clientele, consistent growth in profits, and a committed team of over 1500 professionals, Flatworld Philippines maintains a strong presence in the industry. Our goal is to always provide added value, guiding our clients towards success.

Our delivery centers in the Philippines serve as strategic hubs for innovation and the formation of strategies that empower clients worldwide. Moreover, Flatworld Philippines’ ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation is evidence of our steadfast dedication to data security, establishing a solid foundation of trust in our client relationships

Our Vision

Flatworld aims to lead the IT solutions industry with a tribe of Possibilitarians delivering transformative growth through excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment and thus becoming the preferred choice for clients, the ultimate talent destination, a trusted investment, and a community pillar.

Our Mission

By fostering an environment that believes in the power of possibilities, and fired by a whatever-it-takes-drive, Flatworld will provide resourceful IT solutions to unlock growth for client businesses globally, and enrich our employees, investors, and the communities we serve.

Corporate History

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The Genesis

The busy, gigantic malls of US and Europe sprouted an idea. During a seminal visit in the mid-90s, Jacob William, the innovative CEO of Flatworld Philippines, saw an array of varied items – from shoes to cutlery – all at one place. This revolutionary service delivery concept sparked his imagination in turn, spurring him to conceptualize Flatworld Philippines.

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The Early Developing Years

Flatworld Philippines began in 2013, providing ‘Data Processing Solutions’ at first. Our customers clamored for more services, propelling us to offer ‘Call Center Operations.’ As our customers’ faith deepened and relationships strengthened, they leaned on us more, prompting us to offer ‘Virtual Assistant Services’ as well. Our strategy for growth was shaped by responding to customer demand.

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The Growth Curve

Flatworld Philippines kept an ear to the ground for upcoming sectors. We broadened our offerings, introducing niche solutions in Technology, Healthcare, Accounting, Logistics, Customs Brokerage and many more. Our clients consider us more than service providers – they view us as allies fueling innovation and quality in their execution.

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The Road Ahead: AI Trailblazers

During the late 90s, when many were just beginning to comprehend the concept of outsourcing, the visionary leaders of Flatworld Philippines recognized its potential as the future. They skillfully seized this opportunity, establishing Flatworld Philippines as a prominent player in the outsourcing realm. Today, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive force in the industry, countless others find themselves struggling to navigate the changing landscape. Amidst this tumultuous environment, Flatworld Philippines has maintained its poise. Just as our leaders harnessed the power of outsourcing, they have now directed their focus and expertise towards training their teams in the advancements of Artificial Intelligence.

At present, Flatworld Philippines boasts an impressive team of over 1300 experts. By harnessing the numerous benefits of the Philippines as a prime outsourcing location, we provide sophisticated solutions tailored to meet the unique business needs of our esteemed global clients.

Company Overview

Service Delivery Offices

We have thought through our delivery model with care, considering both talent availability and a conducive business environment. This farseeing strategy enables us to live up to the lofty standards of our worldwide customers, while keeping quality in mind. Our delivery centers in Davao City, Philippines, have built in internet redundancies to ensure continuity of work, and the flexibility to manage sudden upticks in demands and cyclical fluctuations.

Our team has a range of talented experts, from skilled engineers to proficient designers and capable business managers. This team synergy results in an astounding 99% success rate in our fulfilment of projects. Customers choosing Flatworld Philippines benefit from our cohesive teams which are fully accountable, extremely transparent, and offering clarity through a single point of contact.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Our expert team is fortified by modern infrastructure and secure VPN technology as they work to enable client growth.

Our Key Differentiators

With the strong base of over a decade of trailblazing in the worldwide IT arena, we continue to lead, this time in the revolutionary AI sector. Our end-to-end approach ensures that we comprehend customer requirements, streamline their operations and work towards their future goals. As AI transforms sectors, we act as guides, enabling businesses to leverage automation, analyze data smartly, and stay on top of disruption. Our precise strategizing lays the groundwork for the smooth movement of operations to the Philippines, while we impel innovation with AI-centric solutions.

Our strengths, distinguishing us in the sector, include:

  • Rapid project fulfillment enabled by AI led operational efficiencies.
  • Enviable performance history of augmenting bottomlines and process efficiencies with AI initiatives.
  • Minimal process disruption, enabled by AI-led predictive analysis and strategic resourcing plans.
  • Unlocking maximum value by smoothly incorporating AI tools while staying cognizant of quality.
  • Specialized round-the-clock Project Management, Transitions and Customer Engagement troops, supported by AI analytics.
  • A team with diverse talents, proficient in multiple languages famed for their seamless working and AI usage.
  • Painstakingly meeting worldwide quality thresholds, with AI spearheading constant enhancements.
  • More than a decade of constant service to worldwide customers, incorporating AI where beneficial.
  • Future oriented delivery centers, ready to leverage AI optimally, so customers have a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Proficient in executing customized, AI-refined projects – from short-term to long-term requirements.
  • Expertise in outsourcing and generating AI-led strategies across a range of industries.

Leadership & Social Responsibility


  • Jacob William, CEO
  • David Antony, COO & President
  • Anand Mathews, CMO & MD
  • Ofir Nir, CFO


  • ISO 27001:2013 Certification
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Great Place to Work 2022-23

Unlock Winning Ways in a Borderless World

Partner with Flatworld Philippines and unlock the full potential of expert services augmented by the revolutionary potential of Artificial Intelligence. Our decade plus experience spanning varied domains is future forward, cementing our status as early pioneers of AI-led solutions. Today, we simplify elaborate vendor evaluations, contract negotiations, and the maze of legal, compliance and SLA needs. Our ethos of ethics, teamwork and quality are the base for enduring AI-enabled alliances, that drive long-term innovation.

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