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Technology has enabled individuals and businesses to remotely monitor their properties, assets, and people and safeguard them against possible threats. If you are looking to make your workplace more secure and tamper-proof, CCTV monitoring services are the way to go. Ensure higher workplace and employee safety with 24×7 coverage of critical assets and areas with a live or real-time view.

The cutting-edge AI technology is revolutionizing the world of CCTV monitoring services by streamlining and strengthening the process. By analyzing images from various surveillance cameras, AI systems adeptly detect any irregularities and promptly notify security personnel. Moreover, AI’s real-time analysis of video footage not only enhances security but also has the capability to activate alarms when necessary. Furthermore, AI exhibits its capabilities by quickly and intelligently searching through recorded events and retrieving relevant information with remarkable speed.

Identify and take immediate actions against any intrusion with Flatword Philippines’ advanced and professional CCTV monitoring services for risk management. We handle your end-to-end CCTV monitoring needs enabling you to focus on your business goals than worrying about site safety. Our sharp and vigilant teams are skilled at identifying and addressing any vulnerability before it escalates into a security incident. And we can instantly provide you with any video clip that you need to review to take appropriate actions against off end ersorfurther strengthen your workplace security.

What We Offer

As a leading provider of outsourced CCTV monitoring services, Flatworld Philippines assures customers of complete peace of mind with round-the-clock security of their assets. Our IT security experts keep a constant check on your equipment and facilities and send real-time alerts to relevant authorities if a breach is detected. Our video surveillance team offers real-time threat monitoring, intruder tracking, and alert capabilities,ensuring that you do not have to compromise on any aspect of video surveillance and workplace security.

Our top remote monitoring services include:

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Rapidly install and set up video monitoring equipment with seamless connectivity to the central monitioring station, both for indoors and to observe public areas as well. Our highly-skilled teams have keen insights on all technical, legal, and ethical parameters of CCTV monitoring.

Quality Control

Be assured of high-quality monitoring overseen by a senior supervisor who keep a tab on the activities and services of CCTV operators. We also undertake regular, unplanned audits to ensure top-notch performance and absolute realiability.

Testing, Checks, & Maintenance

Regular facility and infrastructure testing ensures that the desired surveillance quality is delivered constantly. Our teams actively keep a check on light conditions, camera operations, remote control capabilities for panning and zooming, audio levels, network signaling strength, and volumetric, motion and other detection devices.

CCTV Monitoring Document

100% of the events observed on the CCTV is documented for future use. We ensure that the report features relevant details, including the camera used, the zone, and timestamp. This is vital for accurate tracking to resolve disputes and assist in investigations.

Whether construction or industrial sites, public areas, offices, banks, mobile towers, schools, retail stores, or parking areas, Flatworld Philippines’ CCTV monitoring servicesassureyouof 24×7, cost-effective, and accurate monitoring for improved security, health,and safety.

The Flatworld Advantage

With special training on technical, legal, and ethical parameters of CCTV monitoring, our associates monitor suspicious behavior while respecting the privacy of usual visitors. If a risky activity is detected, we issue real-time alerts and notify local authorities for quick action. Our teams are trained totactfully warn potential trespassers andprevent them from causing any harm to guarded assets and property. The remote CCTV monitoring services include:

Advanced AI analytics

AI processes data, identifies anomalies and sends real-time alerts to agents based on predefined rules.

Group 557

ISO / IEC 27001:2013 accreditation

It comes from following global best practices for information security and providing truly reliable services

Group 558

Future-ready infrastructure

Our employee training programs ranging from language capabilities to process knowledge are designed to consistently deliver high-quality inbound call center services.

Group 559

24/7 helpdesk with voice and email support

Answers customer queries in short turn-around times

Group 560

Dashboards and real-time alerts

offering regular updates on CCTV monitoring outcomes

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