Flatworld Philippines Drives Higher Customer Engagement and Increases Sales Revenue for a US-based Travel Agency

Business Challenge

As a one-stop shop, the travel agency provided the required information and promotional offers to meet the travel needs of their customers. But with the global pandemic ushering in lockdowns and social distancing mandates, the conventional sales process, which involved face-to-face interactions and in-person seminars to discuss memberships, had to be discontinued.

The travel agency had to increase digital engagement and enable customer interactions online by conducting informative webinars. They invested heavily in advertising these webinars on social media but failed to get the desired ROI. While their customers and prospects accessed the online ads, they did not always register for the webinars. And this missed potential proved to be a significant challenge for their business growth.

There was an urgent need to:
  • Increase engagement on the social ads
  • Drive registrations for the webinars
  • Manage inbound queries from prospects and customers
Business Impact
Our efforts in partnering with the travel agency’s existing team resulted in:
  • Successfully nurturing over 80% of the travel agency’s prospects
  • Significant increase in the conversion of leads
  • Exceeding the campaign SLAs that directly resulted in improved ROI
  • Increase in sales and customer delight
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