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Despite living in the age of digital marketing, social media interactions, and interactive mobile apps, outbound call center services continue to be a strategic component of business promotion and customer services. When structured effectively, it can help you win more leads, expedite collections, conduct market research, and enhance customer notifications.

Flatworld Philippines leverages cutting-edge AI solutions to supercharge outbound telemarketing campaigns, ensuring exceptional effectiveness and compliance. With AI-driven lead scoring, we identify high-potential prospects, optimizing agent efforts and improving conversion rates. Our AI-powered agent-assist tools guarantee compliance with regulations, providing real-time guidance during calls. We prioritize adherence to legal requirements through AI-driven compliance monitoring, giving you peace of mind. Our automated follow-up systems nurture leads seamlessly, while dynamic scripting adapts in real-time based on prospect responses, fostering engaging conversations. Trust Flatworld Philippines to transform your outbound campaigns with the power of AI, making them more efficient, effective, and compliant.

What We Offer

Flatworld Philippines provides outbound call center outsourcing as a standalone solution or combined with other contact center services such as inbound customer service and tech support. We serve both B2B and B2C domains in a range of verticals across a range of services, including:


We help promote your business offerings efficiently and update customers on new products, plans and services.

Lead Generation

Our team makes it easier to grow your customer lists with structured, consistent and targeted calls to build sales pipelines.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Services

Outsource your debt collection and payment reminder tasks to us to let skilled agents manage sensitive interactions for best outcomes.

Business Survey/Data Capture

We complement your in-house market research with surveys and data capture solutions to help better understand client requirements, preferences,and challenges.

Follow-ups/Service Renewals

Get your sales-cycle rolling with our professional follow-up calls services that help take a prospect forward on the sales journey and build long-term customer relationships.

Responding to Missed Calls

If you run a missed call campaign to invite new prospects or wish to call customers who could not connect with an inbound service agent, we’re here to help and improve your CSAT scores.

In addition to these popular solutions, we tailor our outbound contact center services to address your customized requirements, including sales, follow-up your emails, test unknown markets, develop good customer relationships, and cold calling.

View the complete list of our outbound call center services here.

The Flatworld Advantage

As an experienced business processing outsourcing company, Flatworld Philippines becomes a direct representative of your brand to deliver comprehensive support for optimal customer experience. We initiate all engagements by first understanding your business requirements, target markets, and value proposition before providing outbound services. This analysis enables us to provide reliable and efficient services that can expandyour business value. Leveraging our rich experience in the outbound call center services, we offer:

AI-based agents assist in outbound call center services

that drives impeccable compliance, which is essential for campaigns in highly regulated industries and countries with guidelines about telemarketing, like TCPA.
Group 441

Affordable call center services

that follow industry best practices and provide you with highly affordable outbound sales call center services.

Group 443

Best-in-class infrastructure

that enables us to deliver seamless, disruption-free, and high-quality call center services across channels to global customers.
Group 451

Zero-escape data security

that ensures that your customer data is in completely safe hands with us.

Group 444

ISO Certified Processes

that ensure that we follow only industry-standard guidelines while providing 24×7 outbound call center services.

Let us help you grow your business. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we create customer experience through innovative strategies that engage customers and adapt to their changing needs.

We partner with you to create custom solutions to take your business to the next level.

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