Flatworld Philippines Makes an Organization a Great Place to Work

What Makes an Organization a Great Place to Work?

The recent dramatic rise in online purchases (especially since COVID-19) promises bright business prospects for e-commerce companies. According to Statista, e-commerce’s share of total global retail sales increased from 13.6% in 2019 to 19.5% in 2021 and is estimated to be a whopping 21.8% in the next three years. And with growth comes the inevitable increase in workload, making it vital to pay extra attention to their website maintenance. Smooth shopping experiences are preceded by having updated, relevant, and accurate product information. And without question, data entry plays a significant role here.

When a new employee joins an organization, it usually is for the financial gains, the perks and benefits, and perhaps career growth. But when these new team members stay on with the organization for years, bringing their best to work each day, day after day, there is something else at work. Perks and benefits are only half the story of why people stay—the foundation lies in the culture the organization offers and the trust that employees have in their shared vision. That said, building a great organizational culture is not easy to achieve. It requires tenacity, perseverance, and leadership commitment to this continuous process.

Great company cultures are built only by taking a long-term view and fostering a communication style that is authentic, meaningful, and frequent. And the results can be worth it. Industry research shows that empathetic organizations have a more engaged and productive workforce, are more innovative, and report superior financial performance.

A study by the London School of Economics found a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and firm performance. Another research at the University of Warwick suggests that by keeping their workforce happy, companies can achieve a 12% productvity gain. Besides, engaged workers directly correlate to stakeholder value creation and the profitability of an organization. And that’s because employee well-being is not just about feeling safe, respected, valued and heard in an organization—it also involves employees’ views on how they feel their company lives its mission or adds to the greater good.

In 2021, Flatworld Philippines received the Great Place to Work® certification. From business leaders and research institutions to job seekers looking for new opportunities, numerous entities rely on the Great Place to Work® Trust Model© as a gold standard of what constitutes a truly engaging workplace. A global authority for certifying trustworthy and sustainable work culture, the Great Place to Work® Institute has built its outlook by learning from esteemed leaders and surveying millions of employees working across global organizations. According to the institute, six factors define a great work culture.

1. Community

Organizations with a favorable work environment have employees who believe in winning together when circumstances support them and sticking together when facing challenges. The spirit of teamwork and building a community maximize workforce cooperation. Besides, such enterprises have an invested leadership focused on ensuring success for all.

2. Fairness

Companies where everyone feels that they are getting fair opportunities foster more positive workplace experiences. Their employees rarely report favoritism and politicking issues and stay motivated at their jobs. Diversity and inclusion also promote fairness. A fair workplace makes everyone feel equally supported and valued, irrespective of who they are or their hierarchy level.

3. Reliable management

Employees are more likely to be loyal to workplaces where they find their team leaders and managers trustworthy. Trusted managers lead by example, demonstrate empathy with their team members, delegate tasks fairly, set clear expectations, and ensure a smooth flow of communication. They also bring out the best in their people and show them that they are valuable assets to the business. Such factors boost workplace satisfaction and increase employees’ willingness to recommend their organization to others.

4. Innovation

Companies that leverage technologies efficiently and maintain innovative work environments get more loyal and confident employees who willingly go the extra mile to fulfill their job responsibilities. Technology improves task management, simplifies collaboration, boosts data security, and gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. And such facilities make the teams more productive and engaged with their employer

5. Care

Actions speak louder than words. Although every enterprise claim to value its employees, the best ones actually show it in their processes and strategies. Supportive leave policies, transportation for odd-hour shifts, a cafeteria offering healthy meals, clean washrooms, and medical emergency services are primary benefits of building a caring work environment. Businesses that addressed COVID-19 challenges while also demonstrating their empathy for employees proved how they sustained superior work culture and gave their company a reason to rank amongst the best brands to work for.

At Flatworld Philippines, the entire workforce community is a close-knit family. Our employees have rated us highly on parameters of justice, corporate image, pride in work, support of colleagues, friendly environment, and willingness for teamwork. They believe that they have the resources to do their jobs well and appreciate fair, unbiased corporate policies.

It’s hearting to see such a response in the recent Great Place to Work® survey, and it exhibits how our people are always at the core of our business. Anyone who walks into a Flatworld office can feel a sense of community. The long-term relationships that we build with our clients can also be attributed to our committed teams, who are determined to excel at every task entrusted to them. And we make every effort to sustain this inspiring business culture as we grow in our industry.

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