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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Call Center Service Company

Partnering with a dedicated call center service company is a must-have for businesses that prioritize customer service and customer satisfaction. Several call center service providers do much more than answer customer calls. They support businesses with any and all types of customer service-related interactions—be it calls, chat support, email support, or more. It is no surprise then that many call centers are evolving to become “contact centers” today. But given the vast plethora of such companies operating today, selecting a partner that addresses your needs proactively enables short-term and long-term growth can be a significant challenge.

While moving call center services offshore may be the norm, what is the right location for your customer support operations? Should you outsource only a part of customer support or turnkey operations? Does contact center size matter, and do they have experience of serving enterprises in your industry? Will your customer data be protected with the call center, and what are their data security practices? These are only some of the critical factors that must be considered before zeroing in on a call center service partner. Finding the right partner can be challenging but not impossible if you consider these five factors when selecting a call center service provider.

Do they have global reach and can service your customer locations without disruption?:

If your customers are based in the United States and the UK, you need a call center service provider who can effectively reach these two regions, transcending language and cultural barriers. Call center employees in the Philippines have shown proficiency in American English and familiarity with Western cultures. This, particularly, will significantly affect the overall and day-to-day operations, especially in voice-based interactions with your customers.

Are they the right size to serve your needs, and have proven industry experience?:

It is imperative to select a call center service partner that seamlessly matches your business size and growth plans. Choosing a too small vendor will slow down your business and lower customer satisfaction, while a much larger partner will only increase costs and could compromise personalized attention. Besides, it is also vital to assess their experience in customer support for your industry. This is critical to ensure faster time-to-market and minimize the time spent on training before executives are ready to take your customer calls. However, if you are looking to switch vendors for quality reasons, it always helps to get a fresh, cross-industry perspective to identify problems and optimize performance. So, it will undoubtedly help to partner with a call center service provider who operates across industries and has access to best practices from all.

Do they have a robust training program and healthy employee and workplace practices?:

No one wants a partner with high churn, especially when it comes to customer services. Employee stability and attrition rate are critical factors in a call center provider for consistent, disruption-free, and high-quality services. Also, ensure that they have a robust and comprehensive training policy and practices. An effective workforce starts with a solid foundation that includes continuous training, coaching, and leadership. Call centers in the Philippines recruit high-quality executives who undergo specialized training and adapt to your business before officially taking calls. Making a note of how engaged the agents are while on a call, their body language, and how the project manager manages the team are good indicators of the company’s culture and workplace practices.

Are they using the latest technologies and have the capital to invest in new tech?:

While delivering exceptional customer service is the primary objective for contact centers, they need to leverage technology effectively depending on organizational needs—from basic to sophisticated. It is imperative to have a call center partner who can leverage the latest tech to deliver top-notch services to your customers in today’s hyper-digital world. From artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to cloud technologies, a service provider with the capital and willingness to invest in technology will make for a h5 partner. AI has been integrated into systems or software used by 66% of all call centers in the Philippines for analytics and automation, giving your customer a more personalized interaction and speedy resolution.

Do they have robust security practices, and will your customer and business data be protected?:

This is perhaps the most critical consideration where they can be absolutely no compromise. Data security is a top priority for call centers as cybercriminals find new hacking methods into enterprise systems. With the meteoric growth of tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, and with the number of people online increasing every day, identity theft is a real threat. It is critical that your call center partner has fool-proof customer authentication and authorization practices and continuously trains their employees to spot phishing attempts and keep your customer data secure. With growing concerns around personal security and how data is used, several regulations have been set up to protect personal information and hold companies accountable for any breach. Partner with a call center that ensures you will be seen as dependable by complying with current data regulations.

How Flatworld Philippines Can Provide the Edge

The Philippines remains to be a top destination to outsource business services. Aside from the Data Privacy Act, which protects private companies and individuals’ data or personal information from possible cyberattacks, the Philippines also has a large pool of English-speaking and highly-qualified people who form the call center workforce. Flatworld Philippines is a leading provider of specialized services across diverse industries. We stand by the core values of excellence, integrity, respect, and teamwork to develop lasting partnerships with our clients. Our focus on delivering world-class, highly-secure services to our clients has helped us stay ahead of the competition and be recognized by various industry bodies.

If you would like to know more about our services and understand how we can help your business, write to us at contact@flatworldphilippines.com.