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Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Support

Customer Service essential for a business. It won’t matter if you sell the best quality product if you do not have the best in class customer service to support your clientele. Outsourcing is referred to as delegating a company’s process to third-party agencies and getting benefits like a cost-effective workforce and labor, service innovation, and exceptional product quality. A call center is customer-oriented but having a call center in your company’s base means extra operational and staffing costs, and establishing an omnichannel contact center is expensive. Outsourcing the customer service quotient of a company is not novel and the Philippines as a country has become a trending hub for call center services in the past few years. Around 54% of companies use call center outsourcing in the Philippines to provide customer service, and annually, companies spend about 75 billion dollars on outsourcing. Let us discuss the top 10 benefits of outsourcing your customer support.

Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center

Cost Reduction

For Business Process Outsourcing, companies always target a developing economy with flourishing geography and a populated customer base coupled with a flourishing economy. Outsourcing customer service to call centers in the Philippines, India, and Poland can save operational costs by 60%. These outsourced call centers can provide service to many clients, and the clients can pay on a transactional basis, and multichannel operations can bring in additional resources that have seasonal demands.

Meeting Rising Customer Demand

The thing about customer demand is that it arises at any time around the clock. For in-house call centers, this is an impossible task as it requires a lot of staff to operate, and it is not a realistic option for the companies. Therefore, outsourcing helps the company to solve customer issues on a global scale with a multichannel support system. The budget for outsourcing has risen in companies from 12.7% in 2019 to 13.6% in 2020 due to customer demand.

Wide Range of Services

Today, support is not just about one channel or a one-time interaction with a customer. It is more about building customer loyalty and long-term relationships with your customers. To facilitate this, call centers have started acting more like contact centers that provide a range of support services. Currently, more than 65% of businesses are seeking to increase their outsourcing in the future. Call center services in the Philippines indicate large-scale contact center operations which not only focus on providing one service like support through calls but also are providing a variety of support services like acting as sales agents, analytics, sentiment analysis, etc.

24/7 Service

This is a specialty provided by offshore outsourcing companies as providing a 24-hour service is not realistic for in-house customer support. Customers need to have access to support agents at any time of the day and week, 24/7.

Diversified Skill Set

Business Process Outsourcing Companies offer a wide range of services to the company that is hiring them. This essentially means that the company can virtually build a support team of staff with different jobs to get the desired results. Most call center services in the Philippines usually have an animator, writer, customer support agents, graphic designers, sales associates, and IT support with them as part of the team.

Handling Customer Volume

Enterprises with in-house customer services are often unable to handle the peak volume of customer calls, which results in unsatisfactory customer service and complaints. By outsourcing these services to call centers in the Philippines, companies can focus on their own business and serve their customers’ queries as well. Due to this, the financial outsourcing market is well over 300 billion dollars globally.

Multiple Engagement Platforms

Nowadays, call centers focus on providing customer support through multiple platforms instead of just the telephone. This is why 66% of companies with more than 50 employees outsource their services. Most call centers today act as contact centers and focus on a holistic approach by incorporating an omnichannel approach like SMS, live chats, IVR speech, social media, and so on, which has led to companies seeking them as an external provider for their customer support.

Domain Expertise

Call centers in the Philippines

usually provide the best support agents with excellent domain expertise, and these agents have the best industry knowledge when it comes to your business, no matter what your company’s core business is. With the help of historical data analytics, call centers can provide a personalized service to the customers.

Scalable Business Solutions

Outsourcing the business support to call centers in Philippines means that they provide scalable solutions, so it does not matter whether the size of your business is large, or you have a medium level enterprise, or you are the sole owner of the business, the call centers are equipped to handle any kind of service you might need. 24% of small businesses now outsource their services globally.

Data Analysis and Decision-Making

Call centers are now holistic services that understand the need of companies to collect and analyze the data to gain insight into the customer. Call centers worldwide including the call centers in the Philippines invest in technology that can help them collect data from multiple client interactions, which also includes analytical platforms so that the companies can gain a large amount of raw data for their use.

Why Outsource to Flatworld Philippines?

Protection against any cyber crime and data leakage are what businesses would often check before outsourcing a business.

In 2012, the Philippines passed the Data Privacy Act which protects the data and private information of private companies as well as individuals. This act mandates that the call centers in the Philippines protect the customer data from leakage and cyber attacks. The Philippines also passed the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law which waives income tax of individuals who earn less than 250,000 pesos annually, and employees working at BPOs also come under this slab. Therefore, the government provided them with an incentive to work for the outsourcing companies, thereby making the call center jobs more appealing. Therefore, outsourcing to Flatworld Philippines means an abundance of highly skilled workers along with strict data privacy.


The call center industry in the Philippines has tripled since 2004, and by 2020, it is estimated that the market share will be around 250 billion. Call center outsourcing in the Philippines is widening its portfolio, and its global outsourcing services can help build a successful relationship with your customers. The growth of outsourcing companies has been continuing on a positive trend and businesses continue to avail the benefits of it. If you are interested in outsourcing to a highly reliable and experienced outsourcing company, contact us at Flatworld Philippines now!