Flatworld Philippines Helping Parents and Children

The Hezekiah Project: Helping Parents and Children

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

This is the driving force behind Flatworld Philippines’ partnership with Calvary Christian Centre in the Hezekiah Project, the Children’s Ministry of the Calvary Christian Centre Assembly of God, Inc. in Bacaca, Davao City.

We partnered with The Hezekiah Project because we believe that investing in youth means investing in future world-changers. Helping create a better future for these children means that our company has a hand in shaping where the world is headed. At least, in our sphere of influence.

The Hezekiah Project has reached quite a good number of local children ages 4 to 14 years with 40 to 50 children in regular attendance with their parents each week.

The Hezekiah Project engages children and their parents in a variety of activities that involve fun, fellowship, and food. But the core of The Hezekiah Project is worship and teaching these kids biblical values, where the goal is to help the participants build a strong relationship with Christ.

Aside from the core goal of The Hezekiah Project, children also tutored in Math and English. They’re also given avenues to learn via camping and field trips, where survival skills are taught to them. Special programs such as the United Nations Day are also celebrated, where children are given an opportunity to appreciate cultural diversity across the globe, among other special themes.

Aside from the children, their parents are also given parenting classes, giving them the skills to take better care of themselves, their children, and their families as a whole.

Flatworld PH has pledged its deep commitment to the Hezekiah Project through material and financial resources, as well as time and effort volunteered by our employees.