Flatworld Philippines Helping Kids Make Their Dream a Reality

Helping Kids Make Their Dream a Reality

Filipino children are wide-eyed and have a deep, intense yearning to do something great with their lives. They have a strong sense of destiny, and they like to dream BIG. However, if there’s one thing that keeps them from being free to chase their dreams, it’s really the lack of resources. Poverty is the killer of Filipino children’s dreams.

Each year, tens of thousands of Filipino kids are unable to attend school. Public school education may be free in the Philippines, but school supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, and even paper, are not. Most Filipino parents cannot afford to give their kids three square meals a day, much less the fare to send the kids to school, and even less, the school supplies the kids need.

Team Asia has a brilliant program that fills these children’s school supply needs. “My Dream In A Shoebox” is a yearly activity conceived by marketing agency Team Asia in cooperation with IBPAP (Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines). Through the partnership of Team Asia, IBPAP, and other companies, more children are then equipped with the things they need to pursue academic learning.

On December 19, 2016, Flatworld Philippines joined the “My Dream In A Shoebox” program and helped Team Asia and other volunteers distribute over 700 boxes to children in Sitio Marahan, Barangay Marilog, in Davao City.

The event was held in Kalayag Foundation in the Sitio, and it was truly a moment to remember―not just for the children, but also for the volunteers. Seeing the kids take delight in their new school supplies was more than enough reward for the hours they put in wrapping the shoeboxes.

For the event, Flatworld PH was able to pool a total of ₱ 110,320, an amount that both the company and Flatworld staff contributed to help make the event happen.

More than extending the monetary gift, Flatworld PH and its staff were glad to join the gift-giving activity through actually wrapping the school supplies in the shoebox. Really pitching a hand in the giving initiative makes it more meaningful to participate in it, and Flatworld and its staff reaped the rewards of contributing time, effort, and resources to give kids the tools to continue on their journey to a brighter future.

Flatworld PH cooperated with the following foundations who organized and facilitated the program:

  • Food for Life in R. Castillo, Agdao
  • Love the Children Foundation in San Pedro St., Marapangi 3, Toril
  • Kalayag Foundation in Sitio Marahan, Barangay Marilog, in Davao City
  • Tambayan Center for Children’s Rights, Inc. in Artiaga St, 35-D Poblacion District

Thanks to the joint efforts of kind hearts who have one goal, 700 children had school supplies to use in school that quarter. Every little bit helps. Flatworld is driven to find those opportunities to help out and make a difference in any way we can.