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Top 5 Industries that Benefit from Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Data, they say, is the new oil. Global research firm, Technavio, reports that the global data-entry outsourcing services market will grow by $351.84 million during 2019-2023 to touch $1.7 billion by 2023. This growth is primarily driven by increased demand for data and cost-effective solutions and the need for enterprises to focus on core competencies. As businesses expand, access to accurate, high-quality data with 24×7 availability becomes fundamental to making well-informed decisions and driving business excellence and superior customer experiences.

Whether you are a large company, handling massive data volumes or a small business with tight budgets, data entry is the foremost step to storing valuable business information digitally and securely. This is where data entry outsourcing to the Philippines, the BPO capital of the world, can maximize benefits by ensuring uninterrupted and cost-effective data entry operations while you continue to focus on your principal business activities. Here’s a quick look at Industries that gain the most from outsourcing data entry services.


The healthcare industry generates significant amounts of data. The scope for data entry is enormous—from patient information and medical records to billing information and payment data. Besides, the COVID-19 outbreak has put unprecedented strain on current healthcare systems, making it even more critical to outsource non-core activities. When supplied in an easily accessible and accurate digital form, medical data helps expedite administrative procedures, allowing for improved patient care. While outsourcing data entry to the Philippines, ensure that your service provider is ISO 9001:2000 certified and follows 100% HIPAA compliance standards. This ensures that regulatory mandates are strictly followed, and your data security and confidentiality is uncompromised.

Banking, Finance, and Insurance

Like the healthcare sector, the banking, finance and insurance services (BFSI) industry deals with large volumes of data. From claims settlement and insurance audits to loan processing and account opening, the BFSI industry stands to benefits immensely from outsourcing data entry services to the Philippines. The extensive data volume challenge is compounded by the need for regulatory compliance and heightened data security. BFSI data entry services in the Philippines include manually entering, digitizing, and analyzing information for disparate requirements such as keeping records, filing, inspections, payments, streamlining loans, payroll processing and more..

Transport and Logistics

Data input is a critical step in the logistics and transport business. However, this data entry is a time-consuming process requiring a high level of clerical and analytical proficiency. Expert freight billing clerks must manage the data entry procedure to mitigate unnecessary costs and aid in seamless logistics, improving overall efficiency. Data entry companies in the Philippines seamlessly handle data entry for airway bills, bills of arrival, cargo records, commercial documents and courtier reports, client survey forms, goods receipts, export documents and freight expenses, and much more. This high-quality data is critical to optimize routing, simplify processes, and streamline the whole supply chain by using valuable insights.

Real Estate

Those in the real estate industry will undoubtedly agree that their offices are constantly inundated with data from legal documents, revenue information, property valuation details, new residential or commercial properties information, and a variety of other real estate-related documents. This data must be appropriately handled to assist in daily operations, making it vital to leverage top-notch data entry services and take advantage of organized data. Storing and formatting real estate-related data is an essential aspect of the business, as any variation can lead to significant losses and poor customer experience. Data entry services in the Philippines are adept at handling everything from residential and commercial assessments to creating new client records, consolidating client information, managing property and legal papers, and much more.

Digital Marketing

Successful businesses have long relied on effective advertising and marketing. Tracking customer data is vital to ensure that prospects are tapped and connected to the right service and salesperson. Marketing departments can benefit significantly from data entry services by getting a better understanding of their target demographic. Segmentation, SEO, consumer engagement, response, and real-time advertisements are examples of where data entry services may be used. While digital marketing is a broad term, it can be broken down into specialized activities such as online search advertising, graphic marketing, and video creation that can benefit from data entry outsourcing to the Philippines.

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