Flatworld Philippines Basket ball Beyond Business

Bringing The Mission To The Court

Basketball could be more than just dribbling a ball around a court and shooting it―it may well be a way to share the Gospel with sports-loving people.

Flatworld Philippines initiated a community outreach and Bible study program on-court in 2012, that has since become a mainstay for Flatworld, its employees, and the community around us.

The Basketball Outreach Program was created as a way to celebrate camaraderie, build community relationships, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and learn about Christ. Missionaries and Flatworld employees play 6 games of basketball, with a half-time pause for Bible study.

When the Basketball Outreach Program was just starting, there were only about 5-15 players. Over the past 7 years, its participants have grown to about 30-50 players, both young and old. This unique assortment of people makes for the perfect mingling of good sportsmanship and evangelism, which is the primary goal of this outreach program. As the program grows, and more basketball enthusiasts are being reached by the program, we know that our Beyond Business efforts are bearing fruit.

Want to play ball and learn more about the Word with us? Join us at the Ladislawa Garden Village Clubhouse in Davao every Monday from 9 AM to 12 PM. We’re here for fun, fellowship, food, and fresh perspectives from the Bible!

“Being a Christian athlete doesn’t mean praying for your team to win. God doesn’t give an edge to those who pray over those who don’t; hard work does that. Being a Christian athlete means competing for Christ, in a way which you always give your all for Him. And win or lose, you always give Him the thanks for the opportunity to play. It means giving all the glory to God, no matter the outcome, because you trust in His plan for your life.”

―Stephen Curry