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7 Reasons Why eCommerce Players Must Outsource their Data Entry Requirements

The recent dramatic rise in online purchases (especially since COVID-19) promises bright business prospects for e-commerce companies. According to Statista, e-commerce’s share of total global retail sales increased from 13.6% in 2019 to 19.5% in 2021 and is estimated to be a whopping 21.8% in the next three years. And with growth comes the inevitable increase in workload, making it vital to pay extra attention to their website maintenance. Smooth shopping experiences are preceded by having updated, relevant, and accurate product information. And without question, data entry plays a significant role here.

E-commerce data entry services involve uploading, modifying, adding, deleting, and managing product, pricing, and shipping information for online stores. It helps to ensure that buyers have access to all items available for sale with the correct details. Outsourcing these solutions to an experienced BPO company brings the familiar benefits of cost-savings and several distinct competitive advantages.

Increased resources to focus on core competencies

Updating information on hundreds of web pages is a time-consuming task that eats into the time for revenue-generating operations. By delegating this job to professionals, your in-house team can pay more attention to other aspects of business such as market research, procuring high-quality products, controlling shipping costs, strategizing new offers, and optimizing CRM for repeat customers.

Well-architected data management

From digitization and structuring of content to storage, filing, and indexing of all information uploaded on a website, e-commerce data entry professionals use a methodical approach for product data management. They have well-defined procedures to ensure that customers can browse your Website smoothly. This, in turn, leads to more conversions and improves brand reputation.

Evolved technologies and skills with no CAPEX

Refreshing product details for online stores involves special applications for data processing and compilation. And at every step, the work must be free from inadvertent errors. With a professional service partner to handle the job, you will not need to invest in and maintain the infrastructure that supports e-commerce data entries while eliminating the need to spend on technology that can become obsolete very soon.

Timely data updates and enhanced security

Any change in product details, pricing, shipping timelines, stock, delivery policies, and special offers must be communicated to customers in real-time and reflect instantly on the Website. Updating such time-sensitive details is easier when you have a dedicated business partner for the same. An established BPO company that handles data entry takes extraordinary measures to ensure the security of information entrusted to them, signing a water-tight non-disclosure agreement and service-level agreement to safeguard your data.

Improve customer experiences

Key factors that attract customers to an e-commerce site and convince them to buy include organized content updates, logical categorization of products, HD quality images, accurate product descriptions, and competitive pricing and offers. With their rich knowledge and expertise in website management, data entry specialists ensure that every visit to your digital store offers an engaging experience to customers, strengthening your online store’s online reputation and customer loyalty.

Superior resource flexibility and productivity

A BPO company maintains large teams that work in structured shifts to maximize daily output without compromising quality. When you maintain a dynamic e-commerce site requiring daily changes in content as per stock availability, a dedicated group serving round-the-clock provides higher productivity benefits. You can rest assured that your Website stays relevant for buyers even if they are shopping when your in-house employees are out of the office.

Service scalability and business growth

As you extend your store’s product line, it opens doors for new revenue streams. At the same time, it also increases the need for resources to keep the Website updated with content for fresh arrivals. A professional outsourcing partner helps here by providing an off-site extension to your workforce, completing the tasks within promised timelines, and without hiring more people. Skilled agents offer you a consistent data updating service tuned to your business growth.

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