Streamlining document management and enhancing outcomes with customized indexing

As customer, employee, and business data volumes increase exponentially, storing it in multiple formats, particularly physical copies, can be tedious, complex, and costly. By accurately indexing documents that contain business-critical information, you can organize them better and maximize their output. Document indexing services help build systematic guides that make searching and retrieving information from large files easy.


Flatworld Philippines provides comprehensive document scanning and indexing services for customers to access the information they need without sifting through random piles of data. This includes searching by document copy number, file name, keywords, bill number, and date of creating and updating the document.

What We Offer

As an established document indexing BPO in the Philippines, we support businesses in digitizing their paper-based documents in easily accessible formats. We build user-friendly indexes that do not just include the words used but also cross-references to terms that the reader usually searches for.

Our team can work with any volume of hard copies for quality archives and provide document indexing solutions in the forms of:
Text Indexing Services

We offer full profile and text index solutions using unique keywords and phrases that can facilitate search through databases, and keep information accessible and responsive to users' queries.

Data Backup Services

We leverage advanced backup techniques across databases, file systems, and applications. Additionally, we build detailed data backups so that businesses never lose any critical information if disaster strikes.

Document Conversion Services

Our team uses evolved tools and techniques to offer document conversion services, including Word to PDF and other HTML conversions, to simplify the handling of any file type.

Learn more about our document scanning and indexing services here.

The Flatworld Advantage

Document indexing outsourcing to Flatworld Philippines ensures that you quickly access and share useful information across teams, optimize audit compliance, reduce costs of storing paper-based files, and address your sustainability goals with digitized data management.

As a leading document indexing BPO in the Philippines, we work for businesses across industries and offer unmatched advantages.

Flatworld Philippines Support For Multiple File

Support for multiple file formats

to deliver the final indexing output in the layouts and file types that you prefer
Flatworld Philippines Trained Experienced

Trained and experienced personnel

who are adept at using new technologies for document indexing with high accuracy levels
Flatworld Philippines Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround times

because we understand the urgency of delivering data that fuels your operations
Flatworld Philippines Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing

to help you reap maximum returns from your investment in BPO data management services
Let us help you grow your business. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we create customer experience through innovative strategies that engage customers and adapt to their changing needs.

We partner with you to create custom solutions to take your business to the next level.

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