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Accessing accurate information is the key to successful business decisions across verticals. Whether BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, or retail, industries today need dedicated data extraction services to understand market patterns and customer demands and build effective risk models. By partnering with Flatworld Philippines, a leading data mining BPO, enterprises can customize operations for profitable production and service deliveries.

With proven skills and technologies for data mining, we help customers stay ahead of business challenges, tap new opportunities, and reinvent their processes for innovation and growth. Our qualified and experienced analysts help extract and organize relevant information from data pools of any size efficiently.

What We Offer

Flatworld Philippines offer data mining services for sorting, assembling, regression, pattern recognition, and other related data-mining practices. Such solutions help address decision-making complexities by highlighting undetected patterns while using standard query tools. We handle data mining outsourcing projects, including:
Web Data Mining Services

We help both public and private organizations in data mining and analysis by collecting data from trusted online sources for specific requirements.

Social Media Data Mining and Processing

We explore Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites to find data for more effective lead generation, product/ service promotion, competition analysis and understanding market trends.

Image Data Processing and Mining

The data extraction services offered by our team include image retrieval from datasets of any size and we optimize the findings for ease of business analysis and study.

Word Data Processing and Mining

Our team can gather valuable data from large volumes of content hidden in MS Word, text editors and printed documents for research and analysis at any scale.

PDF Data Processing and Mining

Employing special in-house technology with a cluster of macros and algorithms, our team extracts the information that supports businesses in meeting a number of data analytics objectives.

Open Source Data Extraction

We also use open-source software in data mining as per our clients’ preferences and can tailor our services to their special business requirements.

Check out our entire range of data mining services here.

The Flatworld Advantage

As one of the most reliable data mining companies in the Philippines, we empower customers to stay ahead of market demands by combining human and artificial intelligence to improve operations. We provide insights that drive intelligent decisions and mitigate the risks affecting performance.

Our hyper-personalized data mining BPO solutions help to improve marketing campaigns, operational efficiency, and customer service with:

Flatworld Philippines Support For Multiple File

SLA-backed data security

is fortified with the use of proven technologies and safe devices
Flatworld Philippines Trained Experienced

Domain expertise and experience

to address challenges and extracting data from a multiple sources
Flatworld Philippines Quick Turnaround

Ease of scalability

to cater to myriad data mining demands in both lean and peak business cycles
Flatworld Philippines Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

to always provide clean, complete, and accurate data without any anomalies
Let us help you grow your business. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we create customer experience through innovative strategies that engage customers and adapt to their changing needs.

We partner with you to create custom solutions to take your business to the next level.

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