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Six Reasons Why Outsourcing Data Entry for the eCommerce Industry Makes Sense and How We Delivered Success for Our Customer

Keeping your e-commerce website updated with all available products and offers is critical to promoting sales and fueling business growth. While physically inspecting the merchandise at a brick-and-mortar shop is easy for customers, online stores operate and thrive only based on the right images, descriptions, pricing, and delivery details for the various products they list. And accuracy of this data is the essence of a successful online store. That said, product data entry is a time consuming and laborious activity that requires absolute accuracy and speed. And business can draw upon several benefits by outsourcing product data entry tasks to a company with experienced workers, proven expertise, and custom technologies to drive envisioned outcomes.
These benefits include:

1. Faster turnaround time

An established BPO will manage your data entry project based on an end-to-end service level agreement (SLA) that assures you of task completion and accuracy as per the pre-defined targets. With large teams operating in shifts for 24×7 service, established BPOs ensure that all website sections stay updated and ready to engage shoppers. “Site under maintenance,” notices while refreshing the stock descriptions becomes a thing of the past.

2. Increased cost-efficiency

Hiring and training employees to handle data entry tasks in-house inflates business costs substantially. Besides, investing in infrastructure and data backup systems to support the workforce becomes a necessity. In contrast, a BPO with skilled resources and IT expertise to organize and update data does the job more efficiently and cost-effectively. Outsourcing data entry to such specialists also enables you to allocate bigger budgets for enriching your product range and logistics.

3. Higher productivity

When your internal resources are inadequately trained or technically ill-equipped to update website data, it impacts efficiency and wastes time they could fruitfully spend executing core activities. A reliable and trusted data entry partner can help free up your staff for critical business functions such as marketing, customer engagement, product diversification, and supply chain management. It is a sure way of driving increased productivity and focus in the organization.

4. Enhanced accuracy and consistency

Any errors in product data on an e-commerce website ruin customer experience and result in revenue and reputation loss. For instance, if a discount of $12 is incorrectly entered as $21, it can cause a significant revenue shortfall before the error is rectified. A professional data entry service helps you avoid such blunders. Trained associates maintain precision at every step of the process and ensure that the information is uploaded exactly as it was supposed to be. With your BPO partner’s in-depth experience in the domain, you can be assured of consistent accuracy and service quality.

5. Improved scalability and flexibility

Managing sudden or seasonal surges in data volume can be challenging when businesses only operate with their in-house employees. In times of high demand, there will be an increased need to recruit additional employees, an expensive and challenging proposition. Conversely, when demand is low, you may end up benching a significant number of employees. However, by roping in an outsourcing partner, businesses simply need to contact the service provider to scale operations as per the new requirements. Higher scalability and flexibility are significant benefits of outsourcing data entry operations.

6. Better competitive advantage

The e-commerce industry today is replete with a plethora of retail brands. To differentiate your business in this crowd, it is vital to ensure that products are listed in ways that make them more visible to customers and search engines. Outsourcing data entry activities to professionals using innovative technologies gives you a competitive advantage with systematic product categorization and precise descriptions.

Success Story: How we Rationalized Data Entry with 99% Accuracy for a Top American eCommerce Firm

As a leading outsourcing partner offering data entry solutions, Flatworld Philippines builds measurable advantages for its customers while ensuring complete data security. When a top US-based e-commerce player faced challenges in uploading accurate data quickly and in the desired structure, Flatworld stepped up to streamline the client website’s product information upload process. With multiple vendors sending product information in various formats, uploading accurate information proved a significant challenge. But with a tailormade data entry service solution, an innovative workflow process, and the right team in place, Flatworld Philippines exceeded customer expectations to become an integral part of their operations.
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