Unearthing Top Talent: Flatworld Philippines' Comprehensive Recruitment Process for Success

People are key to the success of any project. At Flatworld, we understand that recruiting, training, and deploying resources with the right skill sets will ensure success of the project and your business. That is why recruiting the right associates is at the heart of Flatworld Philippines’ approach. We find the right people for you, we continue to do what we do best.

Using passive candidate research, skills testing, and a rigorous process of screening our candidates, we make sure that we find employees that fit your organization’s unique profile. Even better, we involve you in the process so you can be assured of the quality of associates working on your project.

Our extensive experience working with diverse customers has armed us with the ability to anticipate what you need. Whether your field is in technology, healthcare, real estate, or even the food industry, we can cater to your needs and match you with the right staff.

As we work towards attracting and retaining the industry’s best talent, the core of our search is in identifying the right attitude and soft skills in our candidates. We require our employees to have a customer-centric approach because we want them to serve each client and customer to the best of their ability, as all of us in Flatworld aim to do.

Over and above the potential for top-notch customer-centric attitude, we also look for loyalty and the potential for each candidate to stay long with Flatworld and with our clients. We are confident in our existing systems, programs, and initiatives that foster employee retention, but we also want to ensure that each of our employees stay loyal to our company and to the clients they are assigned to. Which is why they are filtered with an eagle eye―just for our clients, just for you.

Be involved in the hiring process so you know the quality of associates deployed in your projects. We go above and beyond to make this system completely transparent with you.

Recruitment Workflow

Flatworld Philippines Recruitment Process Workflow Infographic

Streamlined Recruitment Channels

The perfect candidate is out there. We just need to make sure we connect with them, have them go through our process, and hire them if they fit your job description.

Here are some of our Talent Acquisition channels:
Who would be the best to “sell” the idea of working at Flatworld, than those who have already experienced and enjoyed how it is to work here? Our current and existing employees have gone through our recruitment process and are very familiar with our work environment, so they know who in their circles would thrive in Flatworld. This referral program has proven to be one of the most successful methods in adding more remarkable employees.
The rise of social media as a platform to find the right candidates is undeniable. The internet has long left the use of classified ad boards such as Craigslist, and everything that anyone could want is now on Facebook. And we at Flatworld are on top of that phenomenon. A good chunk of our applications come through our Facebook Page, and we have leveraged Facebook’s recruitment functions to vet and hire great talent. We are also exploring the possibilities in using other social media platforms to widen our net in finding the Philippines’ best outsourcing talent.
Making the most out of third-party job boards or employment websites is another medium that Flatworld PH leverages in order to source eligible talent. Our team creates and posts targeted ads for job openings submitted by our clients, then gathers the resumes that come in. We then sift through the applications, making sure that each decision to take them through the next steps of our recruitment process is backed by the right information.
Despite the rise of digital, internet, and social media marketing, billboards, publications, and radio ads are still rather powerful in reaching targeted audiences, such as potential hires. Flatworld PH leverages the power of traditional advertising to attract a significant number of job applicants through these channels.
Flatworld PH’s Careers hub, a proprietary component of our website, was coded in-house. Everything we want to know about our candidates is there, allowing us to sift through hundreds of job seekers. We have laid out our Careers site to show specific jobs across categories and industries. This allows our job seekers to find what they want to apply for, and for us to screen them for that specific job, in particular. This automated application process means less paperwork to deal with. Our applicants’ data is stored efficiently and securely in the cloud. Our custom-made system organizes applicant information in a straightforward, searchable database, so we can keep tabs on our top candidates throughout the recruitment process. Click Here to check our Careers Website.
Referral Program
Social Media
Job Boards
Careers Website
Flatworld Philippines Recruitment Process InDepth Skill Assessment And Testing

In-Depth Skills Assessment and Testing

While many skills can be learned on the job, some of the basic skills are necessary across industries. We test for skills such as grammar, reading, listening, and quantitative skills to ensure that Flatworld staff will not just survive, but thrive in their jobs.

Extensive Candidate Screening

In order to check the veracity of the information our candidates provide, we verify candidate track records and check their references. Aside from that, we also arrange a comprehensive medical exam and drug screening. For non-Filipino employees, we require Interpol clearance, to ensure that their legal background is scot-free.

We want our clients to have the best talent, talent who are free of legal troubles and any other undesirables. This is why we only present candidates who have passed these background checks.

Flatworld Philippines Recruitment Process Extensive Candidate Screening
Flatworld Philippines Recruitment Process Comprehensive Final Interview

Comprehensive Final Interview

Our Recruitment team works hand in hand with our Transition Manager to evaluate the skills and to ensure that our candidates are a good fit, not only for the position but to the culture of the company as well. After the candidates successfully complete all steps of our recruitment process, we make them an offer for employment.

Recruitment Made Easy

Flatworld Philippines is making sure that we do outsourcing right. We are an agile company dedicated to providing excellent outsourced services backed by solid infrastructure management, redundancies for seamless internet connectivity, and breach-proof network security. Our people will give you the services you need, supported with fail-proof infrastructure.
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