IT & Software Development Services

We make IT possible. From planning and assessment to customized integrations and configurations, we provide support every step of the way. We uphold global standards of software development to keep you competitive by adopting the latest technologies and applications in the IT industry.

  • - Predictable schedule and cost
  • - Customized solutions to meet complex requirements
  • - Agile, smart and scalable software development solutions
  • - Proven methodologies and structured IT processes
  • - Certified experts in the industry
Flatworld Philippines Services

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone that keeps your business seamless. With our remote Infrastructure management services, we’re making IT easier than ever, allowing your business to run smoothly. We can help you monitor your network servers and keep track of the overall health of your infrastructure.
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Mobile App Development Services

We bring your app ideas to life to help you reach more customers efficiently. Our robust app solutions follow best-practices and ensure cross-version compatibility. We also run automated tests to give you and your customers a hassle-free experience.

We are capable of developing apps on iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms.

Website Design & Development Services

Whether it’s a simple or an e-commerce website to market your business online, our expert team can design and develop websites that turn site visitors into customers. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, keeping your budget, turnaround time and brand identity in mind.
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Software Testing Services

Our team can test vulnerabilities using the latest software testing tools to prevent hacking or data breach. This service helps detect errors that usually occur in the development stage. Flatworld's goal is to make sure your software is bug-free, scalable and can successfully operate in multiple environments across various platforms.

Custom Software Development Services

Our development team works closely with your company to ensure your unique software needs are met. From investment banks to insurance, publishing and multimedia to travel and e-commerce, our experts are equipped with the skills to streamline processes and drive profitability to your business. Contact us today!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, Outsourcing IT and Software Development projects to the Philippines is an effective way for your business. You will find that software development outsourcing in the Philippines is affordable with highly trained professionals. Customized solutions are designed for businesses with robust and reliable software development solutions. Skilled industry experts deliver solutions with the use of proven methodologies and structured IT processes.

The possibilities are huge. Some areas where customers have been successful in outsourcing IT and Software Development are IT infrastructure management services, mobile app development services, website design, custom product development services, and software testing services. In IT infrastructure management, periodic audits are performed for ensuring the security of customer data. Mobile app development services ensure cross-version compatibility and offer automated tests for a hassle-free experience. Website design and development services are delivered as per the budget, turnaround time, and brand identity. Software testing services use the latest software testing tools to control hacking and breach of data.

You need to outsource your software development services in order to leverage the expertise of highly skilled and experienced developers, besides the added advantage of saving time and money. You might find it challenging to hire someone short term short-term or might be struggling with the retention of developers and testers long-term. By outsourcing your IT projects you can leave it to us to hire and manage our workforce while ensuring your project is completed and delivered on time. . Software development outsourcing in the Philippines offers tailor-made solutions for businesses with robust and scalable software development solutions. Skilled industry experts deliver solutions to complex business problems with the use of proven methodologies and structured Information technology processes.

Flatworld Philippines is a leading provider of outsourced software development and IT solutions in the Philippines. At Flatworld Philippines IT teams are trained regarding security policies and perform periodic audits to ensure keeping customer data safe and secure. Processes are completely transparent and stakeholders are updated regarding work progress. Service standards are maintained as per the agreement signed with businesses at the beginning of the project. Uninterrupted 24/7 technical remote service is offered to ensure that networks are functional at all times.

IT or Information Technology outsourcing implies working with an expert provider of IT functions needed by a business either short term or long term. These may include software development, infrastructure, maintenance, directing strategy, manning the service desk, and various others. By Outsourcing your IT and Software development needs, you save time and money in hiring and managing a team of a highly-skilled team of professionals.

Software development outsourcing refers to collaborating with an organization that is an expert provider of software development functions. This is primarily an IT function and can be outsourced to save time and money for hiring in-house professionals.