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How Flatworld Philippines BPO uses AI and Data Science technologies for a better customer experience

Experience is everything for customers, but few companies have customer experience as a digital priority. Personalization becomes easier with data mining and getting the most out of your data with AI and data science services through BPOs like Flatworld Philippines can be a competitive advantage.

Across industries, companies have a great deal of data today about their customers. Without AI and data science to make sense of this data, it is of little use. Data needs to be combined with business processes so that it becomes part of the CRM system. For instance, a hotel can use the demographic information it collects about its customers to give a loyal customer an offer he can avail on his birthday.

Companies can design elevated customer experiences with end-to-end solutions combining AI with customer data. Consider a service provider like a spa chain. Finding a location, appointment scheduling, sending appointment reminders, sharing directions, and helping users through any follow-ups that may be required can be one such solution for them.

Recommendation engines

Data science tools process large volumes of information and analyze them, identify customer profiles, and track their interactions with a product. They use this data to create simple algorithms, to suggest items that are likely to appeal to the customer, even before he searches for them.

We’ve all seen data science in action when Spotify asks us to choose a few genres of music we like listening to. We willingly pick our favorites, knowing that this will help Spotify to serve us more accurate recommendations. Companies can take recommendations a step further to target customers with a similar profile. For instance, a grocery chain can give points to long-term customers for trying a new product like baked chips, which data science shows has appealed to customers of a similar profile.

Data science also makes it easy to gamify the shopping experience. The grocery chain can reward customers with points for when they complete some steps. For instance, it can encourage new customers to visit more frequently by prompting them to enter a weekly shopping challenge. By motivating customers to shop with them weekly in a particular month for points that can be availed for groceries, the company will make shopping with them a habit for their new customers.

Chatbots and Emotional Intelligence AI

Simple customer queries can be answered by conversational AI or chatbots, who can escalate more complex calls to agents. This self-service option reduces the load on call center agents and enables customers to solve their issues faster, leading to a win-win.

Routine and specific questions can also be routed through IVR systems. Advanced IVR systems such as Conversational AI use AI powered voices that are nearly indistinguishable from human ones. These chatbots and IVR systems can also perform natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and intent analysis to assess a customer’s level of anger and frustration.

For instance, a customer who is feeling frustrated may raise his voice or pause for a long period of time in a conversation. AI in BPO can then quickly route a customer call to an agent, who is better equipped to find a solution to the customer’s problem. By informing agents in advance of the customer’s mood, the agent is prepared and can offer a customized solution, increasing the chances of resolving the issue.

Consider a company in the travel industry. Data science in BPO informs an agent in advance about the customer’s itinerary, and the experiences they are interested in during their trip. Although the customer may have called for help with his booking, after his issue is resolved, the agent has an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell another product. A timely offer was the information respondents found most useful in making a purchase decision, according to a 2022 Deloitte survey.

Personalizing customer experiences with AI and data science can give you more market share, fast, even if you’re a newcomer. All company functions need to work together to design a seamless customer experience across channels, and data science will help you do so. By using AI and data science to create a series of micro experiences that delight the customer, you will have his loyalty for life.

Flatworld Philippines has a wide range of AI and data services, such as natural language processing, cognitive process automation, and machine learning services. Benefit from our 18 years of outsourcing experience to elevate your customer experience. Contact us today for a free quote based on your AI and data science requirements.