Seamless data entry support for more informed decisions and a deeper understanding of markets

As data’s volume, velocity, and variety increase, it becomes critical for businesses to manage it more efficiently. Systematic data management can provide a clear advantage to any organization’s decision-making abilities and allow it to build better customer experiences. On the other hand, data entry tasks are tedious and resource-consuming for most companies. Data entry outsourcing to Flatworld Philippines ensures you maximize value from your information pools and reach the desired outcomes competently.

Our experienced teams record and optimize data for analysis and actionable insights for improved decision-making. Global brands looking for high-quality data entry outsourcing companies in the Philippines choose us for the unparalleled accuracy and cost-effective solutions we provide while working with online and offline data.

What We Offer

At Flatworld Philippines, we have the right blend of human skills and digital tools to maximize your returns on data entry outsourcing. Our array of service packages helps document and update data for businesses across industries. Some of our most sought-after packages include:
Online Data Entry

We undertake custom tasks for e-commerce portals, multi-lingual billing, indexing of business documents, image data entry, recording of financial and legal data, and content conversions as required.

Image Annotation Services

To help businesses optimize their image-based data analysis, we offer services for image tagging, bounding box annotation, semantic image annotation, and tagging of aerial imagery.

Real Estate Data Entry

Our experienced data entry professionals help realtors stay competitive by managing their data volumes for property listings, buyer and seller information, legal documentation, sales-tax-insurance entries, and other records for smooth real estate deals.

Internet Research

We undertake enhanced online research and market analysis for customers by combining data entry solutions with data scanning, extraction, and conversions in formats required by their teams.

Printed / Handwritten Data Entry

Our skilled data entry specialists help businesses convert data from paper-based documents into digital formats for quick and efficient access to the information they need.

Data Enrichment

Leveraging our data enrichment and record-finding solutions we ensure that every bit of information used by our clients is up-to-date and relevant for the business decisions that rely on it.

Delve into our complete set of data entry services here.

The Flatworld Advantage

Counted among the top data entry outsourcing companies in the Philippines, we have the experience, expertise, infrastructure, and tools necessary to reinforce your data management requirements. By closely understanding your business needs, we customize our services to maximize value from the data they entrust to us.

We build and sustain cordial and long-term relationships with our customers on the pillars of:

Flatworld Philippines Support For Multiple File

Quick turnaround time

with measurable outputs on every project
Flatworld Philippines Trained Experienced

Round-the-clock services

that enable you to contact us during local business hours irrespective of their geographic location
Flatworld Philippines Quick Turnaround

Robust security

fuelled by proven technologies and a closely monitored environment for data privacy
Flatworld Philippines Affordable Pricing

Skilled workforce

that is adept at using advanced data entry methodologies for maximum productivity
Let us help you grow your business. Here at Flatworld Philippines, we create customer experience through innovative strategies that engage customers and adapt to their changing needs.

We partner with you to create custom solutions to take your business to the next level.

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